Lunar Imperial Clans – the Sixth Wane

Submitted by keith on Mon, 06/08/2012 – 09:39

I’ve been looking at the Lunar Satrapal families and their relationships with the Moonson, and it seems to me there are more than a few instances of what appear to be the Emperor favouring or coincidentally being on the side of one clan or another that just happens to be certified as the ruling clan in a Dart War. Venerabilis and what appears to be a feud with the the Jenet Aror clan, then death at the hands of a Heron Goddess at the same time that the Wylua Oor clan (obviously Suvarians) gains control of Darjiin, Voracious seems to favour the Molari Sor clan. Celestinus appears out of a cave in Ebon City, and with a loyal band appears to take over the Empire.

It seems to me that these Masks of the Emperor are just adventurers made good, chancers who grabbed an opportunity, or just representatives of clans. Am I just a deluded Darjiinian, or is there a clear explanation somewhere that links the dates when Imperial clans took over each Satrapy, and the dates that each Mask took power and what was really going on.

I’m mostly looking at the Fortunate Succession and the Genertela book.




I’m happy for there not to be

Submitted by keith on Tue, 07/08/2012 – 05:38.

I’m happy for there not to be an authorative answer as long as I’m not missing it. I prefer my history Darjiinian style – with some ambiguity.

It seems odd, with hindsight, how specific the Glorantha book is/was about dates when various clans took over Satrapies, and also odd how closely those dates coincide with Imperial Mask changeovers.

Anyone up for a game of Sixth Wane Diplomacy. We have 7 Great Powers.


There’s also some further

Submitted by metcalph on Tue, 07/08/2012 – 03:10.

There’s also some further tidbits in the Imperial Lunar Handbook and Under the Red Moon but I’m unsure how authoritative they are.

We’re not likely to get a clear answer because of the footnote on footnote on p64 of the fortunate succession which has the Darjiinians and Dara Happan historians having different lists of masks.


the Lunars are all decievers

Submitted by Charles on Mon, 06/08/2012 – 10:27.

Any Orlanthi will tell you this 🙂

The higher the professed ideals, the deeper the hidden depavity. And yet, even in the Empire, there are still many that belive in the fairy tale.

On a more objective note, I tend to think of the Emperor being both a man and a god. The man part operates with all of the agendas and biases of his earlier life. One part of the god manifests the public persona of the god (the young warrior now turned into a raddled drug addict) and the more secret manifestation(s) that does the things needed to keep the empire running.


Imperial Heresy

Submitted by Herve on Mon, 06/08/2012 – 10:09.

In game terms, you are right: emperors are basically power grabbers, who slit their competitors’ throats and backstab anyone in their way to the Ruby Throne. Some have the backing of influential clans / military units / temples, others act alone.

In subjective terms, if I were a lunar priestess (the whole clergy is female, even men), I’d explain to you how the Mandate of the Moon manifests in some Blessed individuals, who overcome trials set for them by the Mother and thus prove their fitness to Rule us. Especially if you are within hearing range of the succesful candidate…

Last but not least, I’d remind you the Ten Tests for the Dara Happan emperors of old were more or less a similar process, with some candidates outshining others by the power of their Virtue, and others with, hem, less conventional means.

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