The Assiday in Raibanth

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The Assiday family includes Tatitius the Bright and included Euglytus the Fat,and are clearly major players in the Empire, and hial from Raibatn. All this I know. MY question is what Dara Happan Association do they belong to, or they an Association in their own right?

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I didn’t think much of the…

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I didn’t think much of the ILH-1 strategy of make up a stand alone group with a strange name and if you don’t like it, you have the freedom to make up your own.  It was like presenting Cults of Prax with just the cult of Humakt.

Sartar Companion p83 says that Tatius is chief of One of the Seven Great Associations.  I take a different approach from ILH-1 and suggest the Associations are mythic/ethnic polities.  Hence:

Dara Happa – the one headed by Tatius.  Correspond to the Fire Portion of the Empire.

Rinliddi – Avian revivalists.  Correspond to the Bird Portion of the Empire.

Carmania – Neo Carmanians and possibly large portions of the Imperial Army.  Founded by Magnificus and Aronius Jaranthir.  Correspond to the Shadow Portion of the Empire.

Darjiin – Darjiniians and related peoples such as the Jarra and the Arirae.  Correspond to the Shape Portion of the Empire.

Sylila – the Satrapy of Sylila and much of the Lunar Provinces.  Correspond to the Beast Portion of the Empire.  Founded by Hwarin Dalthippa.  The current head is Pardidas, Satrap of Sylila.

HonEel – Tarsh, Oraya and perhaps Doblian.  Founded by HonEel.  They represent the Heat Portion of the Empire. The current head is probably Moraides if he is still alive.  If not, the leadership is probably in the hands of a council of Regents until JarEel takes power.

Silver Shadow – The Association Closest to the Red Moon.  Correspond to the Lunar Portion of the Empire.  Founded by TakenEgi.  Now controlled by the Egi who are split among themselves in favouring other factions.

Of course this analysis doesn’t mention the minor players such as the Hungry Sable People, the Duchy of the Blue Moon or the CharUn, all of whom are still influential in their own right.

Seven great associations

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I associate the associations with the “seven new families among the sultanates” mentioned in the Genertela book, page 31, which I would guess to be (by the end of the SixthWane) :

Eel-Ariash – Oronin

Wylua-Oor – Darjiin

Rastari-ining – Karasal

Molari-sor – Oraya

Errio-unit – Sylila

Yanorio-ilart – Doblian (Tacitus comes from the ruling familyof Doblian)

Taran il – First Blessed

These guys are the ones fighting Dart Wars, assassinating Emperors, hiring Harrek the Beserk and raising armies in Oraya to rival the Emperors.

The great Imperial Families are describe in…

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… the LARP “Life of Mooson” game, still available on (or somesuch), Nick Brooke’s website. It has several characters of the Assiday clan, such as pretty boy Commodus and a few others. You seem to like color and anecdotes ; this is a must read for you. Yes I know it’s not canonical – and don’t care much. It’s still fine reading.