Male Chalana Arroy?

Submitted by cj.23 on Tue, 01/05/2012 – 21:54

A very simple question – are there male initiates and devotees of Chalana Arroy? I always imagined there would be in Arroin, but no one is a sole member of that subsult as i understand it now?

Also, does the prohibition on harming living things and pacifism extend to undead? Can a Chalan Arroy priestess possess a spell that helps destroy undead entities?

cj x


Chalana Arroy vs Undead

There are certainly male healers.

In HQ I’d certainly allow a healer strong in the Life rune to defend against undead. I’d also allow a healer to “heal” undead, even if it would “kill” them, but not in the context of a fight. “Good lady, if we hold Delecti down, would you mind healing him of his horrible condition…” Chalana Arroy’s compassion knows no bounds.


David Scott


There always have been…

There always have been male worshippers of Chalana Arroy.

As for the destroy undead magics, I think they would consider it an violation of their oath.  To participate in a expedition to destroy undead is another matter and one that rests upon the individual conscience of the healer.