Crimson Bat’s Glowspot

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Both the Guide draft (pg 255) and the Sartar Companion (pg 243) state that the Glowspot produced by the Crimson Bat “acts in all ways as the Lunar Glowline”, which would mean that Lunar Magic within it would act as if it were cast on Half-moon days. However, the Companion adds “All Lunar Magicians with(sic) the Glowspot act as if the Red Moon were full.” Which is correct?

The answer is in Pavis: Gateway to Adventure

Submitted by David on Sun, 31/03/2013 – 06:32.
The most recent Moon Design publication is Pavis: Gateway to Adventure. It contains the basis of the Lunar Religion.

Page 410 – The Glowline states: “…so the Glowline was created by Yara Aranis to maintain Lunar magical constancy within its limits, as if it were always the Half Moon.”

Page 403 – The Lunar cycle states: “Full Half, Empty Half: All glamours work normally as described in these rules.” and “Full Moon: All stretch penalties are cancelled. Praise the Goddess!”

(It would not be unreasonable to assume that those Lunar magicians on the back of the Bat act as though the Moon is full).

The Guide (when published) and Pavis are correct.

(Errata submitted for next edition of the Companion).

David Scott

Lunar Magicians

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This answer is part speculation and subject to correction.

Lunars that are Sevened (the Lunar name for Illuminated) are able to cast magic at increased strength when bathed in the light of the Full Moon. Sources of this light include the day and night of the Full Moon (!), being within the Glowline and near Glowspots such as the Bat, the Red Emperor and, perhaps, Great Sister.

Most of the greatest Lunar Magicians are Sevened.

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