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A few questions…

  • What language do they speak?
  • The ones that take a walk down to Snakepipe Hollow and hang out at the shade table:
  1. Are they chaotic in any way?
  2. What are they hunting in particular?
  3. Are they the same race as Gonn Orta?
  4. Why the shade table in particular?
  • The giant babies that go down the Zola Fel. They are huge, why are there 4m giants mentioned in old publications? I picked 4m randomly, but you know what i mean: Snakepipe Hollow, Griffin mountain come to mind.
  • Are these smaller giants hundreds of years old? Thousands? 
  • Who are the tribe up around Alone that have Giant fighting powers? The ones depicted with massive sharpened stakes coming out of their roofs.
  • What kinda powers would a member of their tribe have? From a HQ point of view.

Thanks 🙂

1) The ordinary giant

Submitted by Jeff on Sat, 22/09/2012 – 01:51. 

1) The ordinary giant encountered in the Rockwoods speaks the local “Giant Language”, plus usually a smattering of something like Darktongue or Tradetalk or Mostali or whatever.

2) The giants at the Shade Table are not Chaotic but are definitely blood-thirsty! For more information on Snakepipe Hollow, you are just going to have to wait for the SPH Special in WF16 or 17.

As for the “same race as Gonn Orta”, that’s a surprisingly difficult question. Most scholars believe that the Eleven Big Giant Mountains are the ancestors of all mountain giants in the Rockwoods (perhaps in Genertela). Does mean that all giants are the same race as the Eleven Big Giant Mountains? Most Gloranthan scholars believe that the standard mountain giant is at best a remote and very degenerate descendent of those elder giants.

3) The size, shape, personality, and power of things that fall under the rubric of “giant” in Glorantha is very diverse. Some scholars theorize that their power and size is dependent on two factors: their age and their proximity to the Eleven Giants. These scholars speculate that the giants that went down the River of Cradles were the children of two or more of these elder giants, and thus not comparable to their degenerate remote descendents.

4) Giants can range wildly in age – from maybe a few decades old in the case of the degenerate mountain giants to centuries, to immortal.

5) That’s likely Alone and its surrounding villages. See WF 15 for more information on that area.

6) Easiest way to find out is to generate a local clan using Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes!


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