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Screen and References

Critical Attack vs Critical Parry Result (Screen and References page 10)

What is the result of a Critical Attack vs Critical Parry. The rulebook chart says “Attacker rolls normal damage”, while the Games Master Screen and Games Master References (page 10) say “Attacker rolls special damage.” Which is correct?

The rule book is correct.

We’ll update the GM Screen and Reference sheets accordingly.

Adventure Book

Map of Clearwine (Adventure Book pages 32-36)

Using Points and places as correct numbers

Points and Places LocationsMap
1Assembly Hill (off map)1919
2Small Walls11
3Earth Temple and Sacred Fields2 & 32 & 3
4Blue Mound (off map)1818
5City Walls55
6Dragon’s Gate77
7Royal CitadelRoyal Citadel
8Palace of the Kings99
10Thunder Tower66
11Hero’s Trail1717
12Upper CityUpper City
14Lightbringers Temple1616
15White Grape Inn1414
16Old Gate and Ramp1313
17Lower CityLower City
18Sartar’s Tower44
19Temple of the Tribe1111
20The Ram’s Head1212
21Ernaldoring Hall1010

The Tusk Riders (page 79)

Xiobalg (page 79-81)

DEX SR: 2 + SIZ SR: 2

Xiobalg’s Tusker

Hit Points: 19, See Tusker Hit location table

Yaram (page 81)

Hit Points: 13

DEX SR: 2 +SIZ SR: 2

*based on tusker
Right Leg01-046/5
Left Leg05-086/5
Right Arm13-154/4
Left Arm16-184/4

Yaram’s Tusker

See Tusker Hit location table

Kranag (page 81)

Hit Points: 15

DEX SR: 3 + SIZ SR: 2

*based on tusker

Kranag’s Tusker

See Tusker Hit location table

Durag (page 82)

Hit Points: 14

*based on tusker

Durag’s Tusker

See Tusker Hit location table

Mardu (page 83)

Hit Points: 16

Right Leg01-044/6
Left Leg05-084/6
Right Arm13-154/5
Left Arm16-184/5
*based on tusker

Mardu’s Tusker

See Tusker Hit location table

Qualbalg (page 84)

Hit Points: 17

*based on tusker

Qualbalg’s Tusker

See Tusker Hit location table

Zeoldan (page 84)

Hit Points: 17

DEX SR: 2 + SIZ SR: 2

2H Spear501D10+1+1D4410
Medium Shield601D4+1D4712
*based on tusker

Zeoldan’s Tusker

See Tusker Hit location table

Yodram’s Tusker (page 86)

See Tusker Hit location table

Tusker Hit location table

HPs 13-15
HPs 16-18
HPs 19-21
Right Hind Leg01-024/54/64/7
Left Hind Leg03-044/54/64/7
Right Front Leg11-134/54/64/7
Left Front Leg14-16 4/54/64/7

Fighting Yerzum Storn (page 114)

When a creature has more than one listed attack (which take place on different SR’s) does the creature get ALL of the listed attacks, each round?  Or does it pick ONE to use each round (on whichever SR)?

Generally, there is a note saying whether the creature attacks multiple times in the same combat round. 

Otherwise, treat them like characters. The gamemaster should pick which attacks are the most appropriate to the encounter each combat round.

Appendix 2 Metals and Crystals

Magic Crystals (page 121)

Could we get some guidance on the resale value of crystals, both powered and non? The material in the GMs Pack told us about the value of Rune metals but not crystals. 

This will be covered in the RuneQuest Campaign Guide, in development.

The errata pages on Magic Crystals don’t make it clear:

I’m unsure to what you are referring to, but it would seem to be the July 4th 2019 Gamemaster Sourcebook Preview judging by the page references. If so this text was incorporated into the GM Screen Pack, Adventurer Book page 121-123.

do POW storing crystals need to be attuned to be used?


wouldn’t an adventurer know right away that a crystal can store magic points? Rather than waiting a week to see if they succeed in attuning a powered crystal?

No. Everyone hopes they have found a powered crystal and so prepares as such, setting aside a week of time (or longer to augment the POW vs POW roll) to do the ritual. At the end of the week the GM says either roll POW vs POW or you have just stored a magic point. A clearer version of the text might say: Quote

The only way to tell what kind of crystal you have discovered is to spend a week in ritual, attempting to attune it. At the end of the week of preparation, the GM says either roll POW vs POW or “you have just stored a magic point”.

Spirit Trapping/ POW Storing Crystals (page 122)

A Spirit Trapping/POW Storing Crystal can have a spirit bound into it. The description only deals with ‘spirits’ in a generic sense. Can I bind a Talosi or Selene into one? How about a Nyctalope or Nymph or Demon? RAW, it seems so, because there is no limitation based on number or which statistics.



Uleria’s holy weeks fall in Harmony Week. I assume that was supposed to be Fertility Week?



Uleria is worshiped every day, in some temple somewhere in the world. Her special festivals fall in Harmony Week of each season and last all week long.

Gods of Glorantha, unpublished

The Spring Equinox is marked on two days in the Gloranthan Calendar:

Spring Equinox day 9 (Waterday/Fate Week) in Sacred Time.

Spring Equinox day 30 (Waterday/Stasis Week) of Earth Season as well

My understanding is, that the former is correct. The later should be the Autumn Equinox, as far as I know.

This appears in the printed version of the calendar as well as in the latest version (1.01) of the PDF.

The correct information is:

Spring Equinox – Sacred Time, Day 9 (Waterday of Fate Week).
Autumn Equinox – Earth Season, Day 30 (Waterday of Stasis Week in Earth Season).

Guide to Glorantha, Vol.1, page 112

Adventurer Sheets

See CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 19 Adventurer Sheets Q&A

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