CHA4029 RuneQuest Gamemaster Screen Pack – Q&A

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Critical Attack vs Critical Parry Result (Screen and References page 10)

What is the result of a Critical Attack vs Critical Parry. The rulebook chart says “Attacker rolls normal damage”, while the Games Master Screen and Games Master References (page 10) say “Attacker rolls special damage.” Which is correct?

The rule book is correct.

We’ll update the GM Screen and Reference sheets accordingly.

Map of Clearwine (Adventure Book pages 32-36)

Using Points and places as correct numbers

Points and Places LocationsMap
1Assembly Hill (off map)1919
2Small Walls11
3Earth Temple and Sacred Fields2 & 32 & 3
4Blue Mound (off map)1818
5City Walls55
6Dragon’s Gate77
7Royal CitadelRoyal Citadel
8Palace of the Kings99
10Thunder Tower66
11Hero’s Trail1717
12Upper CityUpper City
14Lightbringers Temple1616
15White Grape Inn1414
16Old Gate and Ramp1313
17Lower CityLower City
18Sartar’s Tower44
19Temple of the Tribe1111
20The Ram’s Head1212
21Ernaldoring Hall1010

Fighting Yerzum Storn (page 114)

When a creature has more than one listed attack (which take place on different SR’s) does the creature get ALL of the listed attacks, each round?  Or does it pick ONE to use each round (on whichever SR)?

Generally, there is a note saying whether the creature attacks multiple times in the same combat round. 

Otherwise, treat them like characters. The gamemaster should pick which attacks are the most appropriate to the encounter each combat round.

Appendix 2 Metals and Crystals

Could we get some guidance on the resale value of crystals, both powered and non? The material in the GMs Pack told us about the value of Rune metals but not crystals. 

This will be covered in the RuneQuest Campaign Guide, in development.

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