Tales of The Reaching Moon 07 (1992)


  • Introduction To The ” Heroquest Special”. What This Issue Is All About.
  • Designing Heroquests. Our First ” How To Do It” Article.
  • The Silver Fox Quest ,The First Of Many Mythical Animals Which You Can Meet (And Eat) This Issue.
  • Fragment #1645. A Fragment From The Lhankhor Mhy Archives, Telling A Stirring Tale Of Blood, Lust, And Forbidden Wind …
  • The Heroquest Quiz – Greg Stafford. We Ask Greg The Questions That You Want To Know.
  • The Whole World In Your Hands. Latest Information From The Wonderful World Of Heroquesting …
  • The Heroquest Quiz – Sandy Petersen. We Try Out Our Questionnaire On Sandy… And Get Different Answers, Of Course.
  • Berserkergang Path. Sink A Few Beers in The Court of Kargan Tor, And Maybe Try Your Hand At Bullfighting. Holé!
  • Heroquesting Basics. Types Of Heroquests, Examples And Background – Just The Thing To Give Your Aspiring Hero Ideas Above His Station.
  • Caladra And Aureuon. The (Very) Long Cult Writeup, Including The Cults Most Dire Secretsl
  • The Rune Czar Speaks. Upcoming Rq Products, From The Man With His Finger On The Pulse At A Valon Hill
  • The Blue Boar Heroquest. Still Feeling Hungry?
  • Glorantha: The Game. The Results Of A Night Of Drunken Bickering, Recorded Faithfully Just For You.
  • The Hero With A Thousand Faces. A Review Of The Heroquestors Bible.
  • The Old Hare Riddle. A Heroquest Set In Peaceful Greydog Vale, Home Of Our House Campaign. And No, You Can’t Eat This One.
  • Letters. More Complaints. Sigh.
  • The Hero Bit. Griselda Meets Batulco The Great, And Sees Whether He Lives Up To His Name… Well – What Do You Think?

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