Doom Guardians

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The Jrusteli, most learned and least wise of the Empires, are the best example of the conquerors of nature. Their scholars were called the God Learners, who mastered a magic allowing them to do the impossible. Thus when the sea-living allies of the Jrusteli complained and revolted, the God Learners made the water burn, destroying the waertagi and the triolini as well. But centuries later, a remainder returned with power and hordes of the dead at their backs. Tidal waves destroyed the coastal strongholds, and huge tracts of land sank forever beneath the waves. Terrifying doom guardians sought out the frantic God Learners wherever they hid, in any world, and took vengeance for ancient wrongs. Friends of the Jrusteli magnates were slain merely for their friendship. Families were annihilated. Survivors came to fear every thought, thing, and idea which might be Jrusteli.


Who are these doom guardians? Spirits of reprisal of the Invisible God?


In Umathela, the doom

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In Umathela, the doom guardians were the Knowledge Assassins.

In Ralios, the guardians would have been the Arkati.

Slontos destroyed itself through opening the Book of Secrets.

In Seshnela, the God Learners were hunted down by the One Inquisition and burned as devil worshippers.  Then came the Luatha who decided a more comprehensive solution was needed.

In Fonrit, they were hunted down by the Invisible Fleet.

What happened in Jrustela before its destructionis unknown – only the Malasp know and they aren’t saying.

There were God Learners in Loral, Teshnos, Teleos and the East Isles.  The God Learners of Loral were eaten by Monsters.  How the others met their ends is unclear.


Thanks… Interesting Ideas

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And fuel for years of gaming 🙂

There were God Learners in Loral, Teshnos, Teleos and the East Isles.  The God Learners of Loral were eaten by Monsters.  How the others met their ends is unclear.  
I have a great campaign idea for the ones in Teleos…



Things Valonoo was not meant to know

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In some publications, doom guardians are a rank for devoted thanatari, people who learn new knowledge by 1) draining it from their target’s mind, destroying it in return or 2) cutting their target’s head and carrying it on their belt, still half-alive, to tap into its memories and spells.

In this old text, I think it means Gift Carriers, the many different people / beings / agencies that hunted down and destroyed every godlearner they could find. Some might indeed have been thanatari. Others could have been waertagi and / or vadeli bent on revenge. Some were the many ghosts of sailors and mermen burnt by Tanian Lorionsson. Some were Dragons, Sea Monsters, diseases, food rotting before it could touch a godlearner’s mouth, loin wasting, what do I know.

Morality : if you look at godlearner stuff the wrong way, Bad Things are going to happen to you…