The Great Boat Quest

Submitted by Herve on Mon, 14/05/2012 – 13:37


I am working to develop a HeroQuest based on the thinobutan myth of the Great Boat found by Inki, which he then sailed back with two other crewmen and hero Malunkinda back to save his world. Their ennemies are andins, a “vithelan demon race”. What ideas could you give me to make them interesting, exotic ennemies in a thinokosian spirit HeroQuest ?

Also, we know the Great Boat was from the Sendereven, a vithelan clan who sails around the world, in the great Current, but raises their children on a few rocky, desolate islands. Again, what ideas do you have that’d make them exotic and interesting to meet ?


Andins and Sendereven

Submitted by Nils on Mon, 14/05/2012 – 15:01.

You will find what information there is in Missing Lands and Revealed Mythologies. The andins come in many varieties IMG, some small with three arms, other huge and scaly with horns and claws etc, but always nasty. They worship the antigods and revel in violence and sacrilege. I think they have their origin in the Underworld.

Here are a couple of good andin images:

The Sendereven are demigods. No mere mortals can sail the outer ocean, but the Sendereven just laugh at the “black 200 mph winds”. Their ships are huge catamarans, with hulls of stone. I think the hulls are made from the rock of their original home island which is now gone. I picture the Sendereven as gentle and peaceful, unperturbed by most everything. Sleek, beautiful people sailing through impossible storms and waves dressed in a few thin silk garments.

The Great Boat Quest’s results

Submitted by Herve on Sat, 19/05/2012 – 04:57.

Thank your for these info ; I was able to put some color on the sendereven and build a proper Heroquest, “Miirdek finds the Great Outrigger”. I’m going to play it with Wolf Pirates PCs (as part of playtesting the Harreksaga).

My new question is : what kind of Reward could this Quest bring to my PCs, who are all good fighters but poor seamen, with the exception of one ? I’m looking for something exotic, beyond a simple “seaman” ability out of the blue. Any ideas ?

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