Fourth Figure in the Middle Air on the Guide to Glorantha cover

Submitted by Jim Groves on Sat, 15/12/2012 – 14:28

This question follows Jeff’s recent blog post about the art direction for the cover of the Guide to Glorantha.

Jeff’s notes identify all the characters depicted except one. In the Middle Air to the left is Orlanth, in the high center is Yelm, on the far right is the dancing Lunar Goddess-but there is fourth figure between her and Yelm.

Who is that? They’re not mentioned in the art direction.

I feel as if I should know, but I don’t. I guess that’s why I am buying the Guide!

Submitted by Jeff on Sun, 16/12/2012 – 08:51.
The fourth figure in the Middle Air is Shargash, the War God of the Celestial pantheon, apparently summoned by this new War in the Heavens. He was not in my art direction but somehow appeared in Jon’s draft, no doubt sent by Yelm to destroy the Third Age.

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