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Welcome to the Glorantha Resource Site

Here you will find the home for the definitive sources of Gloranthan Lore from the last 20 years or more.

As the history of RuneQuest is intertwined with Glorantha, you will also find Runequest related materials here as well.

For searchable archives of old Glorantha & RuneQuest mailing lists, look no further than The BIG Index of Gloranthan archives of mail digests, mailing lists and discussion groups, 15 searchable archives.

There’s still a lot of work needed to get this site fully working and updated.

Come explore Glorantha – a Bronze Age world where mythology comes to life and adventure is only a step away.

Glorantha is in many ways similar to our own world, but exists in a magical universe where the laws of physics are subordinate to the whims of the gods and spirits. To understand Glorantha, you must leave our mundane world and enter the world of myth. The Sun is a living god, and not a nearby star. Countless gods exist, some even more powerful than the Sun, and all have the power to directly affect humanity. Rulers and leaders use magical rather than technological means to achieve their ends, and even the humblest of persons will cross the paths of the gods and spirits.

“Fantasy is not so much a suspension of disbelief as it is an acceptance of our own unconsciousness. Fantasy is as old as man, beginning back in our animal history when someone had the first abstract thought. In our Western society, empirical data and rational thought have become the touchstones of experience. This is worse than cutting off half your body. The fantastic is easily half of the universe, whether you count galaxies and nucleotides or court a demon in a pentacle.”

Greg Stafford.