Can the Devil be worshipped like any other God? (2012)

Submitted by Iskallor on Thu, 08/11/2012 – 10:03

Can the Devil be worshipped like any other God?

Does he provide magic and feats?

Submitted by Ian on Sun, 25/11/2012 – 17:28.

The Cacodemon cult represents the worshipped fragments of the Devil, left behind after the Block crushed and pinned Wakboth. Today folks who want to worship the Devil essentially worship a Cacodemon. Mostly they are ogres.

Submitted by David on Thu, 08/11/2012 – 19:28.

Sympathy for the Devil is certainly around to be found, have a look in the Gloranthan Classic Pavis & Big Rubble and the Devils Playground scenario. I’m sure he has minions who would be pleased to meet you, bringing heroes to worship. Minions with cool chaos magic, hoping you guess his name. But what’s puzzling you for feats, is that he has done rather badly, gored by a giant bull, squashed by a huge rock, washed away by a river. Perverted corruption is the nature of his game.

However the introduction to Cults of Terror contains the following warning:

IMPORTANT: contributors, editors, and publisher categorically intend that these cults be used for Non-Player Enemy religions. Player Character should not join these cults. We recommend that Player Characters who join these religions quickly be put to sacrifice by Non-Player-Character priests, to get them out of play.


David Scott

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