Rune colors

Submitted by oldcityguy on Sun, 26/08/2012 – 17:23

Are there specific colors associated with the elemental runes?


Submitted by Charles on Mon, 27/08/2012 – 00:11.

From memory:

  • Darkness – black
  • Water – blue
  • Earth – green
  • Fire – yellow
  • Air – orange

There are further elemental associations, such as metals and animals.


More about Colors

Submitted by Herve on Wed, 29/08/2012 – 03:09.

I remember and old discussions saying the color of Air had been RED, a long time ago. Then it somehow devolved into orange, then brown then white (that was Air’s Color in RQ2 Glorantha). It was as if the Air rune had been drained of part of itself, of its Color by, you guessed it, the red moon (spit).

Also, Colors are very important to Malkioni. Their whole society is based on the Four Castes defined by Malkion. Workers (Dronari) are Brown. Fighters (Horali) are Red. Talkers (Talari, or leaders, sometimes “nobles”) are Golden. Thinkers (Zzaburi, or wizards) are Blue. During the Republic (waaaay before Time began), their people actually had their skins of the proper color. The vadeli still do even today.

I like to think of Glorantha as a very colorful place. In RW, these classical white marble greek statues (Praxiteles, etc.) were actually painted in many, many colors. It is also the case in my Glorantha.