Population of Darjinn

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Do we have any population figures for Darjinn? I can’t find my copy of ILH1. I’m particularly interested in the population numbers for the city Massos. Anyone able to help?

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950,000 according to ILH-1

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950,000 according to ILH-1 and Genertela Book.

Massos is a small city according to the map which means that its population is between 1k and 5k.



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Thanks! Trying to write a Pelorian freeform without ILH1 to hand is vexing in the extreme. I’m guessing most fo the population is rural: Massos is a small city with a citadel, but as former capital of the Manimati presumably of some great ritual import.

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Ignore ILH-1

Submitted by Jeff on Sat, 07/07/2012 – 07:44.

Ignore ILH-1, as soon you will have the FAR more detailed and FAR more accurate Guide to Glorantha. From the Guide:

Massos (small city): This Dara Happan city on the Oslir River is well-known for the rice brokers who trade in the Lokarnos temple yard. The greed of the city’s priests is infamous.

Population: 6,000

Darjiin’s population is 950,000 and breaks down as 90k urban and 860k rural. 750k are culturally Manimati (a term used instead of Darjiini only for the sake of clarity), 200 k are Dara Happan.

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Excellent! OK, I have already

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Excellent! OK, I have already written in the ILH1 description as best as I can recall it, so I will amend to include these details. Really excited about the Guide to Glorantha 🙂

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Glorantha bayou LARP ?

Submitted by Herve on Sat, 07/07/2012 – 03:47.

A darjini freefrom game ? That sounds promising. Will there be : mudders, rice paddies, frogs of all sizes, lewd heron priestesses, reed boats, moon reed boats flying over, the firewater rites, a visiting lunar satrap, dog-pole totem shamens, crazy alkothi on a rampage, honest mudfolk ridiculing haughty, stuck-up dara happans? Among other things?

If yes, I want in!


Many of the above feature

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Many of the above feature yes! IT’s The Pelorian Song Contest I’m running at Continuum in two weeks. It is set on the rocky citadel of Massos, overlooking the rice paddies and river below where a floating collection of fine houseboats hold a constantly changing population of Dara Happan visitors. It is definitely going to be an unorthodox YGWV take on things simply because i have designed my Massos from ver limited sources, but many thanks to Jeff for the Guide to Glorantha material which I will not incorporate to get things as correct as I can.

It’s a small Freeform, and singing is despite the title not required — though the majority of players have volunteered to sing! 🙂 I could still do with one more player to play a Troll from the Yolp Mountains, but could easily add another five or six, as I had to cut it down quite drastically from my original plan owing to lack on sign ups. That’s Friday night at a Convention for you, and I suspect the title put a lot of people off, as did moving it back to 10pm to Midnight to avoid clashing with the Gloranthan Storytelling.

Still if anyone will be at Continnum this year and would like to play do drop me a line at chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com, and I will sort out a suitable character. 🙂

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