Gloranthan Canon

Glorantha has been a world of continuous revelation since its discovery by Greg Stafford in the 1960s. For over 40 years Gloranthan details have been revealing themselves in new publications, and these have become refined or changed as new discoveries and revelations have been made. With the emergence of the world as a roleplaying setting, Gamemasters and players have made the world their own and interpreted it in their own way. Combined with an active fanbase, the subject of canon has been for some a contentious issue in Glorantha.

Does Canon Matter?

Canon matters for official publications and for authors writing those publications. For your campaigns and adventures, for fanzines, or fan websites, Your Glorantha Will Vary. We strive to ensure that official publications stick to canon so that your Glorantha can vary as much or as little as you want. However, that is a restriction on our interpretations of Glorantha, not yours. Again, always remember Your Glorantha Will Vary.

The among the most important Gloranthan works are:

The Guide to Glorantha

Glorantha Sourcebook

King of Sartar

From the Stafford Library

The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm

Fortunate Succession

The Entekosiad

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