Foundchild a few questions

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What are his runes? Death and Harmony in the Griffin mt book, is this still correct?

In a HQII context what powers could a hunter gain from A) the Death rune and B)the Harmony rune?

And whilst we’re here, what would Votank’s runes be if worshipped? Or is he approached as a spirit?

Same for Hearthmother (Or is it Help Woman?), what would her runes be if worshipped? Or is she approached as a spirit?


Foundchild, Helpwoman & Votank

Submitted by David on Fri, 22/03/2013 – 10:06.

Here’s some outline, there’s more in a post below I’ve reproduced here.

Foundchild’s runes are Death and Harmony. His spirit society is found in both the Balazaring and Praxian Traditions.

Foundchild’s spirit society provides charms that relate to Death (typically hunting and weapon use) and Harmony (typically working in the landscape and animal stalking).

Sample Death charms: Deadly (missile weapon), Kill (predator), Silent blow, Undamaged pelt, Release soul.

Sample Harmony charms: Become landscape, Stealthy approach, Terrain runner, Still as a rock, Command (beast).

Sample Associated Spirits’ charms: Brother Dog (Beast rune): Lead Pack, Dog Speaker. Campfire (fire rune) Light Herd Beast Chip, Light Tallow.

Helpwoman’s runes are Life and Harmony. Her spirit society is found in both the Balazaring and Praxian Traditions.

Helpwoman spirit society provides charms that relate to Life (typically nurturing and life giving) and of Harmony (typically healing and blessings).

Sample Life charms: Meal from nothing, ease birth.

Sample Harmony charms: Find (food type), Repair (item group), Smooth relations, I have the answer.

Sample Associated Spirits’ charms: Brother Dog (Beast rune): Dog Eared, Become Bitch (as in female dog). Campfire (fire rune) Light Scrub Grass, Light Herd Beast Chip, Light Tallow.

Votank is a Hero Ancestor of the Balazaring Tradition, his rune is Mastery. Through a shaman he can give a few charms that relate to Mastery (typically social order and lineage).

Sample Mastery charms: Know Lineage, Know Law.

Please note that the sample taboos are missing from the example charms.

I’m trying to do the sample Balazarings the same way I did the ones for the Pavis book – to hopefully show how they work and for MGF. Here are a few more bits of info I’m working from to help you along:

I’m recommending a slightly altered version of the Spirit Magic system from HQ2. The difference is that everything keys off the Spirit Rune to simplify book keeping. I’m using the list method from Sartar page 13, with the addition that animists get up to 5 charms to start as part of the 9 additional abilities.

Balazaring occupations:
Rural: Hunter, Gatherer, Spirit-talker. Urban: Herder, Crafter, Entertainer, God-talker, Noble, Warrior. Shamans and Priests exist, but I don’t allow players to start as them. A spirit-talker is a shaman’s apprentice or assistant.

Bobandi the Keen Eyed Hunter

Fire 14
Beast 15
Spirit 7W

Balazaring Tradition (Death & Life)
(Fire) Grandfather Tarkaril keeps me warm +1, taboo is never light a fire.
(beast) The Black Lion Speaks (Ritual) +1, taboo is always have a midday knap.
Foundchild spirit society (Death & Harmony)
(death) In the Eye +1, taboo is always eat the eyes.
(harmony) I am like the Trees +1, taboo is to wear only a bark loin cloth.
Brother Dog spirit society (Beast)
(beast) Become Dog +1, taboo is eat only raw meat on Wildday.

Hunter 1W
Thrown Spear +1
Good Skinner +1

Black Lion Clan (Dykene) 15
Mother is clan Votanki Shaman +1

Keen Eyed 13

Hate Red Sable Clan (Trillus) 8W
Will not talk to citadel dwellers 8W
Socially inept (not with dogs) 8W

Other Magic
(stasis) Stop Bleeding (spell) 13
(beast) Imitate Animals (talent) 13
(darkness) Freeze water (spell) 13

Sidekick, Longnose the fast Hunting Dog

Hunting Dog 1W

Spirit 1W
(movement) Great Uncle’s Swift legs +1, taboo is to have feathers tied into fur.
Fast 15

Enchanting Voiced Ororia the Spirit-talker

Submitted by David on Fri, 29/03/2013 – 04:27.
Enchanting Voiced Ororia the Spirit-talker

Earth 15

Harmony 15

Spirit 6W

Balazaring tradition (Death & Life)
(Fire) Light Bush Grass +1, taboo is Light a Fire Every Day.

Hearthmother spirit society (Life & Harmony)
(life) Bless fruit tree +1, taboo is always tend the saplings.
(harmony) Find good roots +1, taboo is no gathering on Darkday.

Brother Dog spirit society (Beast)
(beast) Bless Mother +1, taboo is have a litter every year.
(beast) Dance of the Dogs +1 (ritual), taboo never harm a dog.

Black Dog Clan (Citadel Clan of Elkoi) 15

Spirit-talker 1W

Touched by Hearthmother +1

I saw what you just did +1

Gatherer 13

Enchanting Voiced 15


Thinks like a dog 7W

Surrounded by a pack of dogs 7W

Retainers, Pack of Fighting Dog Pups and Mothers 7W

Other Magic

(Water) Fill Skin with water (spell) 13

(Harmony) Calm down (talent) 13

(Earth) Fast Digger (talent) 13


David Scott

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