Lunar Grimoires

Submitted by Markmohrfield on Wed, 25/04/2012 – 17:29

Page 406 of Pavis: GtA states that kindled initiates may use their Moon Rune Phase to learn a grimoire, or they may learn the grimoire independently. Must the grimoire be of the same moon phase as the player’s Moon rune? I.e, if a character has the Full Moon rune, would he be able to use it to learn the Empty Half moon Phase grimoire The Forty Nine Strategems? If not could he learn it as an independent ability, or not at all?


Learning Lunar Grimoires

Submitted by David on Thu, 26/04/2012 – 04:10.

If you already have a Moon phase, you can only learn learn Lunar grimoires of your phase. Once you are Sevened you can initiate (heroquest) into other Moon Phases and learn associated grimoires of your new phase(s).

If you don’t have a Moon phase, you can learn it independently or even break it out of an appropriate rune, like the Law rune. Beware that when your character reaches 1W you will have to swap out one of your runes and replace it with the grimoire’s Moon phase. Such is the enlightening power of a Lunar grimoire.

Luckily most Lunar grimoires will be in a language not understood by foreigners, however that is certainly not always the case.


David Scott


All this is only my

Submitted by metcalph on Wed, 25/04/2012 – 23:07.

All this is only my understanding

Learning a grimoire independently is generally only done for Moon Runes different than the Player’s innate Moon Rune.  Consider it supplementary knowledge.

So to your specific example, the player with the full moon rune may only learn the 49 stratagems as an independent ability and any magics that he casts from that grimoire will only be spells.

A player with the Empty Half Moon Rune may understand the grimoire as part of his general Lunar self and cast its magics as normal Lunar Glamours.


If I may ask a related

Submitted by cj.23 on Fri, 11/05/2012 – 17:20.

If I may ask a related question on Lunar Grimoires: Pavis states that Glamours learned from Grimoires are NOT stretches, yet they ARE subject to the Lunar Cycle. So how does this work with reference to the Lunar Cycle on p.403? Can these Glamours from Grimoires for instance still only be castr as stretches on Crescent Go and used to augment on Black Moon Day?

Sorry to interrupt but seemed to be more sensible to ask in the existing thread than start a new one.


Spells, Grimoires and the Lunar Cycle

Submitted by David on Sat, 12/05/2012 – 15:23.


Hi, there are two things going on here with Lunar spells and grimoires.

First, the spell itself

A lunar spell that is not part of a lunar grimoire incurs the stretch if the caster is not in an immortal cult.

Eg. If a player selects a lunar spell as one of the three “freebies” during character creation.

However if the spell is used as an augment, no stretch is incurred.

A lunar spell that is part of a lunar grimoire never incurs the stretch.

Next the phase:


Full Moon: if the spell was a stretch, the stretch is cancelled.

Full Half, Empty Half: Spells work with the penalties (if any) from the first section above.

Crescent Come, Crescent Go: Unless the spell was an augment, it’s a stretch. If the spell was all ready a stretch, then it can’t be cast (use it as an augment).

Dying Moon, Black Moon: Only augments may be used.

This should clarify the situation


David Scott



I think that the rule is

Submitted by Markmohrfield on Sat, 12/05/2012 – 13:13.

I think that the rule is meant to be about how the magic works under normal conditions; i.e. when the moon is at half-phase. Basicly, the moon’s phase trumps whatever the standard rule is, so, for example, someone who had the Moon rune but was not an initiate of a Lunar immortal could still use it at full value on a Full Moon day, but even initiates or Grimoire users would only get stretches on crescent days and only augments on dark/dying days.


I think they can only be cast

Submitted by metcalph on Fri, 11/05/2012 – 20:12.

I think they can only be cast as augments on crescent and black days.