Guidelines for creating spells for RQ6

Submitted by wickus on Sun, 07/04/2013 – 04:11 

Are there Guidelines available for creating spells for Sorcery, Folk Magick etc? I am looking to create spells for specific Cults – just to keep them unique…

Thank you!


Submitted by David on Mon, 08/04/2013 – 04:49. 

Currently there are no guidelines for Gloranthan RQ6 magic. As stated in the intro to RQ6, RQ was closely linked to Glorantha. However there is no Gloranthan content in this version and currently no RQ6 Glorantha products. As RQ6 is generic, some of the rules may not apply to Glorantha. What follows is based on HQ2.

Creating Spells. Gloranthan wizardry revolves around Grimoires.

“Grimoires are texts that explain, describe or otherwise analyze Gloranthan metaphysics. Most grimoires focus on a single rune (and usually narrowed to have some defined subset of the Rune) and contain formulae detailing permutations and combinations of that rune with other runes.”

“Most grimoires describe somewhere between five and ten spells in total; only the most powerful grimoires have more than a dozen.”

You can find the current outline of creating them and examples in Pavis on page 364.

Currently there are only four up-to-date sorcerous write-ups in print with Grimoires: Lhankor Mhy in Sartar, and Pavis, Flintnail and Seven Mothers in the Pavis book.

You should also have a look at the Xeotam Dialogues

and of course Schools and Spells on page 235 of RQ6.

The Guide contains descriptions of many Wizardly Schools, but that is not yet available. Sorry not much help.


David Scott

Wizardly Schools in the Guide

Submitted by David on Tue, 09/04/2013 – 06:00. 

Mark Mohrfield asked: 

I assume that these are not full write-ups as in the Sartar supplements and
Pavis supplement, but briefer descriptions with no rules data?

That is correct. However Western culture is covered in much detail as one of the eight major cultures. Other schools each gets a small paragraph:

“Boristi (Ralios): This school believes that it is their sacred duty to freely Tap chaotic things. This school was founded during the Gbaji Wars and was never widespread.”

“Henotheists (Fronela, Maniria, Ralios): Numerous henotheist schools exist throughout western Genertela. They acknowledge a supreme god, but sacrifice to gods and spirits and incorporate other elements of Malkionism. Each henotheist school has its own esoteric secrets and many claim to have been founded by Arkat during the Gbaji Wars or during his long rule of Ralios.”

There exist a number reference documents that were used when working on the Guide and Pavis with regard to Wizardry. The how to create a grimoire went into Pavis. Some of the information may of course change but the basic idea is that schools are based on one of the core Malkioni texts and fragments thereof: 

The Blue Book – different fragments give rise to different schools.

Book of Hrestol – “The various Hrestoli communities each had their own collection of documents, including letters, memoirs, mystical writings, and collections of teachings. These collections were commonly called The Book of Hrestol. No two communities had the exact same collection…Most communities claimed a copy of The Book of Glorious Joy”

Against the Demons – “fragments arranged as discussions between Malkion the Law and Hrestol.”

All of the above give great scope in inventing grimoires and their spells contained within.


David Scott

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