CHA4036 RuneQuest Weapons and Equipment Q&A

Official Answers from Chaosium


    Weapons (pages 58-78)

    Melee Weapons (pages 59-69)
    Illustrations (page 61)

    There is a picture of both a ‘Maul’ and a ‘Troll Maul’. I presume they have identical stats and the two visuals are merely stylistic choices?

    On page 61 there is a picture of both a Maul’ and a ‘Troll-made Maul. Other than manufacturing process they’re identical.

    Training (pages 113-118)

    Characteristic Improvement

    Dexterity (DEX) cannot be improved beyond starting DEX×1.5 or the species maximum (whatever is lower).

    Exotic items (pages 119-126)

    Minor Enchantments (pages 121-126)
    Lodestone (page 126)

    Those sold by dwarfs are made of iron and point towards the remnants of the Magnetic Mountain on Jrustela.

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