Feast of Beasts – day of week?

Submitted by Harald Smith on Thu, 06/06/2013 – 20:36

In the first episode of the Colymar campaign at the Feast of Beasts, the text states “Each year on during Harmony Week of this season the Colymar tribe holds the Flamal Festival at the Clearwine Earth Temple.”

It doesn’t actually state which day of the week the Feast occurs on (and kind of looks like it just got missed or cut out of the line). Does anyone know what it should be?

On a related note, if I recall correctly the original Flamal holy day that was in the cult writeup of Aldrya was Waterday, Fertility Week, Seaseason. I’m wondering why the Feast of Beasts doesn’t align with that (though perhaps there are too many other Ernalda/Earth temple festivities during Fertility Week)?

What day?

Submitted by David on Fri, 07/06/2013 – 05:06.
The answers to your questions are in the Box on page 282 and on 294:

“Jonstown Compendium No. 17, 843

The Colymar have been at peace with the Beastmen since King Harnkorl made
the Treaty of Duckvale. Each year during the Flamal Festival celebrating the
new wine, a grand delegation of Beastmen arrive at Clearwine to participate in
the festivities. Called the Festival of Beasts, dancing satyrs, alluring fox women,
proud centaurs and irascible ducks all drink excessive amounts of Clearwine.
The festival is overseen by the Clearwine Earth Temple and is a glimmer of the
harmony and unity that once existed between gods and men before the Gods War.”

“The festival celebrates the new vintage of clearwine and many barrels of the ice wine are consumed as the festival-goers drink to great excess, enjoying the bounty of Flamal and Ernalda.

The Flamal festival covers a number of bases: it celebrates the new wine, keeps the harmony with the beast people, and gets plenty of clearwine blessed and ready for the big Ernaldan Holy Day.

It’s an Ernaldan festival, so it’s on Clayday. (Flamal was the husband of Ernalda and their daughter was Konthasos).

I wouldn’t try and retrofit the holy days from Aldrya to make sense of this. It’s wine and peace thing not an Elf thing.


David Scott

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