Arkat and Grachamagacan

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I’m in the planning stages of a convention scenario and the setting I’m leaning towards is Arkat’s circa 410 storming of Tanewal (the capital of Tanisor) and the defeat of Grachamagacan the Iron Vampire.

I’ve researched this using printed and online sources and have the broad outlines (Arkat’s membership in an ill-fated Brithini expedition, his turning to Seshnela for support and becoming a Hrestoli knight, the Tanisorian leaders using Nysaloran magic to become vampires to defend their land, the Bright Empire sending “krjalki forces” to aid the defense, the removal of Grachamagacan’s helmet by Malaskan Phillippe after he is slain by Arkat, etc.)

If there’s any more offical information available regarding this campaign and the capture/razing of Tanewal, I’d appreciate hearing it.

From the Guide
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I can’t find much more even in Greg’s Arkat Saga.

The Guide says “In Seshnela, Arkat began to train to become a Man of All. In 410 Arkat led a Seshnelan army into Tanisor and defeated King Grachamagacan the Iron Vampire.”

Of Talar Malaskan Phillippe (aka TMP): “The current ruler of Arolanit and the four-times removed great grandson of Malkion the Prophet. He was born during the ice age, before the sun rose and began time. He led part of the Fourth Brithos Army of Law, and tore the helmet off Grachamagacan the Iron Vampire, King of Tanisor, when Arkat slew it. He became Talar of Arolanit about five centuries ago.”

Of Tanewal: “Red Ruin: Site of the old capital thrown down by Arkat the Liberator, from whence once ruled the Vampire King of Tanisor. Although its ancient name was Tanewal, it has been called the Red Ruins since the Gbaji Wars, and no one goes there because it is haunted, cursed, and damned.”
David Scott

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