Has the product production list evolved?

Submitted by Jim Groves on Wed, 17/04/2013 – 16:41 

Hi there,

This is probably not the perfect spot to post this, but it is a question directed towards Moon Design specifically. Note: I am not asking how the GtG is coming along. That would be it’s own question.

Charles often posts a link to tenative list of products that Moon Design is working on (very helpful too). My question is whether that has evolved at all in the last months. I reckon the list has not changed externally since at least December, now we are one third into 2013. 

I also wonder if the work on GtG, and possible behind-the-scenes conversations with Design Mechanism has altered plans, inspired ideas, and changed perspectives. I can only imagine the work on GtG has had to impacted the Developer’s perspectives and goals.

Perhaps a state of the union address? 😉

I imagine GtG is top priority (as it should be), but how is everything else looking? Any changes?

Finally, as a side note, Ian’s The Coming Storm sounds great, what little he has been able to discuss. This Kallyrsaga also sounds like a fascinating pitch.

Thanks for listening!

current focus

Submitted by Charles on Thu, 18/04/2013 – 05:44. 


the current focus is all on the Guide to Glorantha. Jeff is flat out writing the new material that was added by the stretch goals of the KICKSTARTER, commissioning the art, working with Colin Driver on the maps and supervising the editing process. Rick is working on the layout of the already written (drawn, painted etc) material. Have a look at the contents list to see how large an endeavour this is.

One new product concept has been added to the list: Gods of Glorantha. The only statement made to date about that can be found here.

Once the Guide to Glorantha is published, I am sure that there will be further news about the product line.


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