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Urox Question Submitted by Iskallor on Sun, 23/09/2012 – 13:13

So… My Uroxi berserk wants to get a mighty club full of the powers of his master. Just like the one Urox used in the Myth Urox and the cows.

How would he go about it?

Is there a myth specifically about how Urox got his club that I don’t know about? 

And secondly, why would my Uroxi want to go on a heroquest based on Urox and the cows? What benefit would it be too him and his companions?


Thanks .

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Urox and women, er cows (sorry)

Submitted by Herve on Sun, 23/09/2012 – 13:26.

Urox’ might club is not a weapon, especially not in the “Urox meets the cows” myth. It is, errm, something else. Something Urox uses for his and the cows’ pleasure. Does your player understand this?

If not, do enligthen him. If he does, congratulations for his role-playing : he wants his Bull to get laid as often as possible. He wants to possess the Virile Attraction of the Bull, which cows of all kinds find irresistible. Almost. Or maybe it’s the Inexhaustible Stamina of the Bull, which some cows also like very much but which might put off others.

And yes, in the use of this power “cows” does include “females of the same species as the uroxi”. And probably most bovine cows, as well.

A loverboy uroxi followed by a herd of smitten cows of different races does make for a striking image but, WHY NOT ??


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