Reaching Moon MegaCorp

A loose collection of people that were initially involved in Tales of the Reaching Moon and later the Convulsion conventions in the UK.

YearProduct NameDescription
1992The Revised Stafford CompendiumGlorantha Index
1992A Rough Guide to BoldhomeGloranthan Freeform & Background
1993The Collected GriseldaGlorantha Fiction
1995QuestlinesRQ-Con 3 Con Book
1993Report on the Fall of BoldhomeConvulsion ’92 PostCon Book
1994University of Sog City Conference GuideGloranthan Freeform & Background
1996Proceedings in MalkionismConvulsion ’94 PostCon Book
1997Tarsh WarGloranthan Freeform & Background
1997The Meints Index to GloranthaGlorantha Index
1997A Rough Guide to GlamourGloranthan Freeform & Background
1998C4 AnthologyConvulsion ’98 Con Book
1998Questlines 2GloranthaCon 6 Con Book
1999MIG II: The Meints Index to GloranthaGlorantha Index

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