Who is the Lord of the World’s Knowledge?

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Detailed answer expected 🙂

whuz dis umatwhazzit anyhoo?
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(yes, Jeff’s answer is clearly “better” but that’s never stopped me in the past…)

“Depens whatchu wanna know don’ it?  If yuz askin bout family stuff it’s yer mom, make no mistake. But she’s alreddy tol’ ya what yu needz ta know, so don’t go annoyin her wit questions on my account, rite? Deep magics iz kept by Subere, but she don’ like tellin much, and yu don really wanna know what she knows anyhoo – yer brain aint reddy fer that kinda knowin, not by a long shot. You wanna know about being a man, yuz ask Karrg. He’ll just smack ya tho, and tell ya ta get ta work lookin after yer wife, ’cause him’s smart like that – always practical.

World knowlege would have ta be Argan Argar… he knows all about the world and all the stuff innit. He wuz born up here ya’know, mebbe the first of all the Great Ones to live in the hurtplace, an he knows a fair bit ’bout how it works. He kin getcha pretty much anything ya wants if yu gives him enuf in return, so ah dun see why he couldn’t getcha sum Knowin if that’s really whatcha wants.
Don’t see why yud bother tho… dangerous stuff that Knowin – always gets in the way of lernin rite.”
– some random Dagori Inkarth troll’s uncle.

Lord of the World’s Knowledge

Submitted by Jeff on Thu, 19/04/2012 – 03:20.

The self‑styled Lord of the World’s Knowledge was ruler of Vralos and Enkloso, who ruled with the aid of God Learner sorcery.  He was not defeated until 1020 when legions of elves marched from secret lairs. Behind them floated a spectral forest. Before them swarmed myriads of trollkin. The Lord’s lowland holdings were flooded and drowned as the river gods of the extinct lascerdans rose for the last time, to slaughter every sentient being within their grasp.

But with that, God Learnerism was utterly extinguished from Umathela.


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He was defeated in 1020, but when did his rule start? Can’t find that anywhere.

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I’m going to give you a very Third Age Umathela answer: we don’t know! The cataclysms that ended the Second Age in Umathela destroyed palaces, records, and a tremendous amount of lore. The Gift Carriers killed those families whose members knew God Learner secrets, which included the household of the Lord of the World’s Knowledge, of course. Statues, stele, records are more were simply cast down and destroyed. We know there was a Lord of the World’s Knowledge, we know that he ruled with the aid of God Learner sorcery, and we know his rule ended in 1020. Much more than that is lost to the Gift Carriers and the cataclysms that ended the Second Age.

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Lord of the World’s Knowledge

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Cool. This pretty much means that my hands are free 🙂

Would you assume that he’d been a ruler for a long time (ie, he already was a ruler at the time of the Umathelan Coalition), or would you assume that he took advantage of the catastrophes hitting the God Learner empire to become the ruler of East Umathela?