Storm Bull Temples

Submitted by cj.23 on Fri, 11/05/2012 – 17:42

Where is there a suitable large temple for a Sartarite Uroxi to become a Devotee? I recall a shrine in Runegate, the ruined temple in Boldhome, and an often suppressed temple in Pavis. Is there a suitable “temple” at The Block, and think there is one in the Stormwalk Mountains?

cj x


The Footprint

Submitted by soltakss on Sun, 10/06/2012 – 14:48.

The Footprint has a large contingent of StormBullers who keep the chaos at bay. I am sure they have a temple at the mouth of the Footprint, but can’t seem to remember where I read that. OK, it isn’t in Sartar but it is on the borders.

Simon Phipp


The Block is a Storm Bull

Submitted by Jeff on Sat, 12/05/2012 – 02:48.

The Block is a Storm Bull holy place and is guarded by his worshipers. Pavis page 57. Stormwalk Mountain is a Storm Bull holy place, but one tamed by Orlanth. Sartar page 116.

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Another Storm Bull holy spot

Submitted by Herve on Mon, 14/05/2012 – 13:40.

The Dead Place, where Eiritha sacrificed part of herself to feed Power to her husband to fight the devil, could be said to be a Storm Bull holy place. Even if it drains all magics used in it, some shrine could be found on its edge. Resisting the place could be part of the Storm Bull “runelordization” trials.