ISS2003 Sartar Companion (2010)

100% Compatible with HeroQuest Glorantha

ISS2003Sartar Companion 2010, 1st edition.
ISS2003-PDFSartar Companion
2010, 1st edition, pdf format.
ISS2003Sartar Companion
2012, 2nd edition.
ISS2003-PDFSartar Companion 2012, 2nd edition, pdf format.

Your adventures in Sartar continue with the Sartar Companion! Explore the lands of the Colymar Tribe, seek knowledge at the Jonstown Library, wander the roads and backcountry of Sartar, or play through seven new campaign scenarios. Return to Apple Lane, fight dragons, quest for aid from a powerful nature goddess, confront the feuds of ghosts, steal a dwarf artifact from the trolls, quest for the sacred Lawstaff, and survive the approach of the terrible Crimson Bat!

The Sartar Companion is the sequel to Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. It is a huge setting and scenario book that gives you the opportunity for countless hours of sandbox adventure in the Kingdom of Sartar. Play through seven campaign scenarios, dozens of encounters, and experience many locations and cults.

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