CHA4016 Trollpak (1982, 2019)

“Well, Gort, they’re finally telling about us trolls the way Uz really are!”
“It makes me proud, Basher! Sure us Uz is tough, and smart, and cultured, but we is also reverent, and decent, and we’re good to children who deserver it.”
“We always eat our vegetables, too”
“Us trolls is the greatest race. It’s important to keep fit.”
“I sure like Lisa Free’s drawings of us – there’s 16 of ’em here.”
“And 200 pages of text, handouts, and scenarios, and a map of Dagori Inkarth, a trollball field, and more than 40 maps, charts, and diagrams. Everything anybody would like to know about us.”
“Only an egghead or an elf could want more.”


Troll Facts, Secrets, and Adventures for RuneQuest.

Partial Topic Contents of this Box: troll mythos, genealogy of Darkness deities, troll language, the Exodus, troll migrations during the Storm Age, eleven troll battles, troll eating habits, trolls in the First, Second, and Third Ages, troll dentition, Genertela at the Dawn, trollkin philosophy, the Gbaji wars, twins, trollkin life statistics, the curse of kin, Kyger Litor wrestles with Gbaji, measurement of time and distance, six troll types examined, troll senses, trollkin ownership, clothing, troll noises, the Holy Country, troll gestation and lifespan, Blue Moon plateau, funeral rites, posture and body language, the Shadowlands, snow trolls, Pamaltela, Shadows Dance, Dagori Inkarth, Mistress Race life statistics, elders, Sporewood, Redstone Caverns [sample clan habitat with 9 quarters], troll anatomy and digestion, troll skulls and evolution, the Sazdorf clan [sample history of a troll clan with genealogy and extensive organizational analysis], troll ecology, troll insects, troll tactics, generating troll characters, troll professions, new skills, troll living arrangements, young trolls and family life, hospitality, the cult of Aranea, the cult of Argan Argar, the cult of Gorakiki, the cult of Hunter of Foundchild, modified cult of Kyger Litor, cult of Xiola Umbar, modified cult of Zorak Zoran, industrial insects with statistics, variant troll statistics, introduction to the scenarios, 10 standard troll types, troll caravan, moth riders, locust nomads, Skyfall Lake, the Grog Shoppe, Crabtown, Grubfarm, the flying trollkin, the Sazdorf clan [a large scenario including more than 70 rooms and extensive discussion of troll procedures and defenses], trollball rules, the Sazdorf Whackers & Tacklers, Munchroom caverns A and B, player handouts, a map of Dagori Inkarth and environs, troll drinks, magic mushrooms, 29 completely new Rune spells, nearly 300 individual statistics, 25 types of giant insects, and a trollball field.

COMPONENTS – UZ LORE (about trolls and their history), BOOK OF UZ (playing troll characters), INTO UZDOM (multiple troll scenarios), MUNCHROOM CAVERNS A and B (additional scenarios), player handouts, a Dagori Inkarth map, etc.


Original Credits:

  • Authors: Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen and Steve Perrin
  • Editing, format, box design and production, additional maps: Lynn Willis
  • Layout, maps and charts, continuity, production, loose ends: Charlie Kran
  • Additional editing, proofreading: Yurek Chodak
  • Copy readers: Hal Moe, Sherman Kahn
  • Typesetting: Sandy Petersen
  • Illustrations: Lisa Free, Don Dupont
  • Playtesters: Al Dewey, Marc & Sue Hutchison, Sherman Kahn, Ken Kaufer, Bill Keyes, Rudy Kraft, Charlie Krank, George Lang, Hal Moe, Gordon Monson, Gleb Perfiloff, Rory Root, Wade Roundy, Morgan Woodward.

Classic Edition:

  • Proofreading by Rick Meints.
  • Layout by Nick Nacario.
  • ISBN# 978-1-56882-XX

System: RuneQuest 2


The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

CHA4016-XTrollpak19821st edition, boxed set.
CHA4016-PDFTrollpak20192nd Edition Classic, PDF.
CHA4016-STrollpak20192nd Edition Classic, Softcover.
CHA4016-S-PODTrollpak20202nd Edition Classic, Softcover, Print on Demand (POD).

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