AH8592 Dorastor: Land of Doom (1993)

Cover painting by Linda Michaels

Dorastor: Land of Doom

It’s a Very, Very Bad Place.

DORASTOR: Land of Doom, a Gloranthan campaign supplement for the RuneQuest roleplaying game, features a 128-page booklet, a 16-page insert of references and handouts, and a full-color pullout map. DORASTOR includes historical and geographical notes on Dorastor, a land laid waste ages ago by Arkat the Destroyer. Now, in this fertile, chaos-tainted wilderness, any organism is possible, so long as it is tough and ferocious enough to survive. The Riskland campaign setting provides for a full game year of adventure on the borders of this dangerous land. Details of the Telmori Wolf People and the Spider Folk cultures are also included, along with complete write-ups of the Dorasta and Telmor cults.

THE SURGEON-IMPERIAL’S WARNING: Visitors to Dorastor have been determined to provide nourishment and amusement for big, rude, ugly, disgusting things.


  • Design: Sandy Petersen, Ken Rolston, Greg Stafford
  • Contributing Design: Troy Bankert, Ken Kaufer
  • Development and Editing: Ken Rolston
  • Dorasta and Telmor Cults and The Path of Illumination: Sandy Petersen, Greg Stafford, Troy Bankert & Oliver Jovanovic
  • The lrripi Ontor Report and Storm Bull Broadside: Finula McCaul, Paul Reilly. &: Oliver Jovanovic
  • Original Glorantha Setting Design: Greg Stafford
  • Cover Painting: Linda Michaels
  • Maps and Diagrams: Matt Pumphrey &: Eric Hotz
  • Interior Illustrations: John Snyder &: Merle Insinga
  • Production and layout: Jean Baer, Matt Pumphrey, Stephen Langmead, & Debbie Chaillou
  • Playtesting and Error Trapping: Mike Dawson, Oliver Jovanovic, Troy Bankert, David Dunham, Paul Harmaty, Anna Harmaty. Daria Swain, Henry Monteferrante. Brian Cummings, Dick Gamer
  • ISBN 1-56038-074-8

Editions & Related Editions

AH8592Dorastor: Land of Doom1993Avalon Hill
Dorastor1993OriflamFrench edition

Table of Contents

  • Title, Credits
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • A History of Dorastor and Talastar
    • Irripi Ontor Report, Storm Bull Broadside
  • The Inhabitants
    • Hellwood Elves, Poisonthorn Elves .
    • Broos
    • Spider Folk of Spider Woods
    • Telmori
  • Important Locations
    • The Lunar Trade Route
    • Old Wolf Fort, Dorastor Inn, Fort Wrath
    • Arkat’s Last Tower
    • Dorasta Shrine
    • Tower of Lead, Bloodstone Fort
    • Dokat, Neverdead
  • Encounters
    • Encounter Tables
    • Dorastor’s Insects
    • Dorastor’s Prolific Flora.
    • Common Encounters
      • Adventurers, Basilisks.
      • Saurian Broos
      • Slime Broos..
      • Spirit Broos
      • Broobats, Chaos Snakes
      • Chaos Spirits
      • Chonchon, Cockatrice, Ghostdirt
      • Ghoul
      • Glargs, Gorp, Grayskins
      • Harpies
      • Hellions, Hellwood Elves
      • Lesser Hydra
      • Jack O’Bear
      • Krarshtkids, Krjalki
      • Lamia
      • Lunar Merchants.
      • Ogre
      • Poisonthorn Elves
      • Poison Bush, Rotground
      • Scorpionman, Slime Deer, Spiders.
      • Stoorworm, Succubus, Telmori
      • Cave Troll
      • Vampire
      • Walktapi
      • Wraith, Zombie
    • Special Encounters
      • Adull Headshrink, The Ashman
      • Babool
      • Cacodemon
      • Chaos Gaggle
      • Dokat, Fiends, Howler
      • Hungry Jack, The Mad Sultan
      • Madman Lyo, Mistress the Last, Platewalker
      • Skanth & Skath
      • Slimestone, Thing
      • Yeachi
      • Ralzakark & Entourage…..
      • From the Etyries Mission Files
      • Speculations on Ghostdirt, Everlast Biscuits
  • The Riskland Campaign
    • Campaign Overview
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: The Missing Hunters
    • Part 3: Scorpionman Raid
    • Part 4: Manhunt.
    • Part 5: Spider Eggs
    • Part 6: Chaos Flood
    • Frog River Gorge Steads.
    • Map of Riskland and Environs
    • Hazard Fort
    • People of Riskland
  • The Cult of Dorasta
  • The Cult of Telmor
  • The Path of Illumination
  • Pullout Reference
    • The Talastar Papers (16 pages)
  • Pullout Map
    • Dorastor and Talastar in the Time of Hakon the Swimmer

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