Dark Eater = Zorak Zoran? (2013)

Submitted by brianp on Tue, 06/08/2013 – 11:50

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I’m prepping a game and was copying info from the Book of Drastic Resolutions, but couldn’t figure out a few things. I did a site search on moondesign and found the following links:



Both of these sources say that Zorak Zoran is called “Dark Eater” in Prax, but I’ve always thought of Dark Eater as an independent Darkness spirit rather than associating him with ZZ.Any comments?

Dark Eater

Submitted by David on Wed, 07/08/2013 – 18:48.

This is a rough short form of Dark Eater, who is one of the spirits of the Shadow People spirit society of the Praxian tradition.

Dark Eater. In the Great Darkness, when the Dead Emperor invaded her home, Dark Eater and her kin poured out of the Underworld. They ate everything in their path and stole Eiritha’s daughters for their never ending supply of food. When Waha came he saw that Dark Eater and her kin could not stay, for they would continue to eat the people’s food and they would starve. He beat her back to Shadows Dance and rescued Eiritha’s daughters. Waha realized that Dark Eater had helpful powers for the peoples and extracted promises in return for food. This Darkness spirit provides charms that relate to fighting chaos, darkness, cold and the underworld. The taboo of these charms is that the charms must always be fed. A Shaman wishing to summon this great spirit directly must do so at Biggle Stone.
(subject to change).

David Scott

Submitted by metcalph on Wed, 07/08/2013 – 07:19.

I think it’s inferred from the fact that Storm Bull is associated with Zorak Zoran in Cults of Prax.  I don’t think the identity is a very good one and think the Dark Eater/Black Eater much stronger (NB I do not assert the Black Eater is the Dark Eater).

I quite agree with the Dark Eater being an independent Darkness spirit.

Submitted by brianp on Wed, 07/08/2013 – 09:01.

Thanks for the reply, metcalph. That’s the way I’ll be using him too, so hopefully it’s not too far from canon (though that’s never stopped me before!).

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