Magic for Slaves in Fonrit

Submitted by RoM on Fri, 04/01/2013 – 07:05

I am going to run a series in Fonrit (in Afadjann to be precise) for the first time. The PCs will be urban household slaves all owned by the same masarin. However, I don’t understand how magic works for slaves.Would they only be lay members or are they allowed/forced to initiate into cults?If so, what cults would that be? Darleester the Noose?If they are initiates what would be their magic? I reckon it would hardly be battle magic. Instead it would rather focus on pleasing their master and doing their work, e.g. ‘Hear his/her master’s voice’, ‘Understand what master wants’, ‘Work beyond exhaustion’, ‘Self sacrifice’. The party’s yad-slave would probably have some ‘Command own slave’ magic ability himself. But what else? Being household slaves I guess most of their daily work would be running errands, going to the markets, appraising goods, negotiating with merchants and crafters etc. Would the PCs have magic to augment these social/knowledge abilities or is that to far off? I am also looking for a nice introductory adventure. Most of the players are new to both Glorantha and roleplaying in general. Any recommendations for a good urban adventure that fits well into magical Glorantha?

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Submitted by metcalph on Fri, 04/01/2013 – 15:25.

In Afadjann, everybody would be worshippers of Darleester and go through life with a rope around their neck.  The Masarin has control over the ropes around his best slave’s necks and can cause them to tighten if they misbehave or if he’s angry (The Jann can do it to everybody which is why he rules).
Darleester, I think, is a one rune theistic cult with the inverted Mastery Rune.  Any slave with this personal rune has understood what it is to be a slave and can use the affinity to please his master.  Others have to rely on the rope around their necks for guidance.
For other duties, the slave will follow whatever magical tradition his master deems best for his role.  There’s nothing wrong with Fonritan slaves using battle magic.  Slave armies and slave warriors existed in the real world and so should be just fine in Fonrit.

mastery among equals?

Submitted by RoM on Sun, 06/01/2013 – 16:10.

I like that. I didn’t figure that people would wear actual ropes around their neck. But it’s cool taking it literally.What kind of magic would Darleester provide? I assume it would be all kinds of mastery concerning one’s own slaves. But would he also help when others are involved? Would he augment a public speech on a market place? Would he augment an intimidation of a stranger/enemy, who might be of higher rank? This could lead to rebellion eventually. I must say that I still have troubles understanding Darleester. I assume that his mastery rune would only work downwards, never upwards. Maybe even sideways is off limits so that a yad could not dominate another yad.

Submitted by metcalph on Mon, 07/01/2013 – 00:23.

I would say that Darleester provides aid when it serves the interests of the Master or the Jann. As to your specific circumstances:
*Speaking in a square.  What is the speech for?  If it is on the lines of “Kneel before your Master, you worthless rabble”, then Darleester will almost certainly help.  If it is to support someone who is not an Afadjanni, then Darleester will not help.
*Intimidating an enemy.  It depends on who the enemy is.  Is the enemy an Afadjanni?  Then Darleester will not help because it would be contrary to the Jann’s interests.

still wondering

Submitted by RoM on Fri, 15/02/2013 – 07:32.

Thanx for the advise. Meanwhile we have played the first session. However, I kept player magic to a minimum, because I am still uncertain of how magic works in Fonrit. From all the print and online sources I could find I collected 17 of the major cults of Fonrit with brief descriptions. Still I don’t have a feeling how the cults operate and what kind of magic the gods grant. So I hope there will be more detailed cult write-ups in the future. If you have any more insight into the cults, any information is appreciatedRoM

Submitted by metcalph on Sun, 17/02/2013 – 03:56.

I don’t think Fonritan magic needs any special rules.  Just make the cults theistic, animistic or sorcerous as you see fit.  Most Fonritans are theists but there’s always sorcerors and shamans around.

Submitted by Jeff on Sun, 17/02/2013 – 04:56.

I agree. Fonrit magic is a mixture of sorcery, divine worship, and a bit of shamanism thrown in. In general, they serve their gods as slaves serve their masters, but some gods are slaves to other gods, and some individuals seek to enslave the gods.

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