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Submitted by HiddenMassage on Thu, 01/11/2012 – 05:25

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I found Glorantha through the excellent King of Dragon Pass game.  I’m interested in having a game set during the same period, right at the start of the Resettlement.This creates a couple of issues that I’m not sure about.  For starters, I wanted a fairly clan based game, but can the questionnaire be used only up to the point where they settled the Pass?  Or is it specifically balanced only for after the Lunar occupation, i.e. to be completed fully?I wanted a game where the players would be free agents at least half of the time, so if they see a problem, they can try and fix it, or just go and do something interesting.  But at other times, the chieftain would give them orders.  What sort of social classes would be suitable?Kind of unrelated, but are there any good sources of stories that people might repeat to the players?  Like in KoDP, there were the little bits of stories about Bad King Urgrain and so forth.
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some answers

Submitted by Charles on Fri, 02/11/2012 – 01:51.

The questionnaire tries to elicit attidudes and then assigns ratings on the basis of the rankings of these attitudes. It should work if you ignore the questions from the Lunar invasion onwards but the online clan generator will insist that all questions are answered. To cut it short means it will have to be done manually with all of the bookkeeping involved. However, only a few of the later questions & answers directly lead to relationships (or other abilities), so it may be worth just answering all questions in the online questionnaire and ignoring anything that is purely a consequence of the answers to the later questions (e.g. Hate Lunars).
The Orlanthi are not a regimented society and there is room for men (and women) who emulate young Orlanth by wandering off to adventure – as long as they get back for planting and harvest and pull their weight in herding. If you have the Sartar Companion, you will find quite a few hints, adventure seeds and adventures that show how adventures can plausibly packaged up in a community oriented game. Your players can be ranked as cottars who have not yet proven their place in society but will be given many chances to prove themselves.
For stories, you could consider the Book of Heortling Mythology?

Wyter ability

Submitted by HiddenMassage on Thu, 01/11/2012 – 05:39.

I knew I forgot something.  The questionnaire says to give the wyter an ability related to particular events.  I think I get the idea, but can someone give some specific examples?  I’m not sure what I’d give, for example, about the Rich Swan event.  Plus a few of the others.

thoughts on wyter abilities

Submitted by Charles on Thu, 01/11/2012 – 20:55.

This can be quite tough, particularly the first time you look at it. I suggest that you consider for each event and associated answer:

Some will inspire a particular ability name that your players can see immediate use for.
Some will give the players ideas of things that they would like to do, and the abilities will jointly inspire the narrator and players in that direction. Conversely, the players might choose an answer to help in situations that they expect the narrator might throw at them.
Some abilities can be chosen to be very abstract and ambiguous. No one at the time knows what they mean or how they will be used. But it sounds like it might be cool.
Some will not inspire anything at all. Leave them and allocate later.

In my campaign…

Submitted by BlindGuyNW on Thu, 01/11/2012 – 17:37.

While I neglected to note which ability went with which question, I am pretty certain that the capability to “safeguard our sacred treasures,” went with the particular one you mentioned. This could manifest, I guess, in any number of ways, such as the sacred bird appearing to the chief to warn of thieves. One thing I am admittedly not clear on myself, is whether or not these abilities are meant to be skills our clan members no, or things the wyter does for them, or some mixture of the two. Any input from heads wiser than mine would be appreciated. 🙂

clan abilities

Submitted by Charles on Thu, 01/11/2012 – 20:45.

To my understanding, most of the abilities are magical abilities associated with the wyter and there an explicit note if it is a skill of clan members (frex Sheepherding). But I don’t see why a hero should not take any of the wyter abilities as a breakout skill under their clan relationship. However, I can also see that these abilities might have certain additional constraints such as only works on the tula or only usable on clan mandated missions.
One thing that does appear to be different between a hero and a clan wyter (or community): the community has generic ratings such as magic, war, peace, morale and wealth. It is not explicit but it appears that you can mix and match the ratings with abilities according to circumstances.

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