Has future product planning been influenced by The Guide to Glorantha

Submitted by Jim Groves on Sat, 08/12/2012 – 21:25

Hi there! A few caveats:1.) I’m not trying to pin anybody down to any specific dates or any specific anything. This is meant to be a fun questions, not a trap.2.) I am not asking when the Guide to Glorantha will ship, or when any other product may ship. Again, it’s a fun question and not a trap. Here we go: It seems like the Guide to Glorantha is going to have side-effect. Thanks to the strech goals that have been achieved by this enthusiastic and generous community, we stand to know more about Glorantha than we ever did before. Not only that, the information will be canonized and definitive. What an amazing side-effect! Has (or does) this mean anything for the long term of the product line? Beyond 2013? I just ask because now you have regions (like the West and Fronlea, and the Dragon Empires) that have been put down on in a common source. Has it occured to do sourcebooks and adventures in those areas? Don’t get me wrong, I still love classic Dragons Pass, and look forward to Mr. Cooper’s The Coming Storm, abd the Big Rubble (hell, I’d love to see a continuation of the campaign in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes). And Tarsh / Lunar Empire books to add to them. It just seems like The Guide to Glorantha opens new doors because so much new information is being released. What an exciting time! I’d like to ask Moon Design Publications thoughts on the matter.


Submitted by Jim Groves on Mon, 10/12/2012 – 01:46.

I just started re-reading Sarter: Kingdom of Heroes with information gleaned from the Preview PDF of Guide to Glorantha. S:KoH is fine on its own, but it’s cool to be able to look up any topic that is light on details. I looked at the loose schedule of upcoming releases that Charles has posted a couple times. I am REALLY EXCITED to see Whitewall on the list! I had totally forgotten that the “sequel” to the Colmyr Campaign (as entitled in S:KoH) is called “Whitewall: the Last Rebel King”.  I am hoping it is a sequel! It’s also cool to see the art preview with Kallyr and Hofstaring surrending to the Lunars and the Feathered Horse Queen. Because one day I’ll be able to show the PCs what Hofstaring looked like in life! (and Kallyr too of course)

Submitted by Bryan Chavez on Sun, 09/12/2012 – 17:06.

I recall reading that one of the reasons why Guide to Glorantha was a priority is that with it out, freelancers and other writers are given the firmest base possible to create supplements for every section of Glorantha. That combined with the runaway success of the kickstarter makes me expect that we’re definitely going to get some supplements and sourcebooks on a lot of the more ‘obscured’ areas of the world.Hint to Moon Design: I will sacrifice fifty cows worth of goods for a book (or two) on the Lunar Empire that has the depth of Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and Sartar Companion. We are all us.

I imagine so

Submitted by BlindGuyNW on Sun, 09/12/2012 – 16:02.

I would think the success of the guide is certainly an indicator that there’s more interest in other places to be leveraged. I’d expect to see other settings come out soon enough, and possibly some changes in the later publishing schedule. But this is just my opinion as an interested newbie. 🙂

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