New to Glorantha Redux

Submitted by Heimdallsgothi on Mon, 16/07/2012 – 21:38

I recently purchased Runequest 6th Edition, I also already own BRP, Stormbringer, Pendragon.

Glorantha wise I picked up the Glorantha Second Age Archives [BUNDLE] and Glorantha Second Age Archives [BUNDLE] (like 10 volumes) What other books are recommended as a starting point? Currently I am looking at Pavis and Sartar books, but I am trying to avoid duplication while maintaining the highest level of compatibility for Runequest 6

Get the Pavis book…

Submitted by mefet on Mon, 03/09/2012 – 13:08.

Glorantha is a world with a lot of material for reading or adding to your games. In fact, I think it has arrived a point were it could be nearly imposible to read it all.I’ll start with the Pavis book if I were you, as the setting is smaller that the one in Sartar. That allows you to start small, and then add as much level of detail as you feel confortable to your game. Remember also that some of the Gloranthan classics also can be used in Pavis. It also has some adventures in RQ 3 system which you can try to obtain in ebay or other second hand method.


Submitted by Heimdallsgothi on Mon, 03/09/2012 – 15:58.

Well right now I am reading the 2nd age glorantha material I haveI also have the gloranthan classic griffin mountain.I will probably pick up the other classics while waiting for the main guide to glorantha which is scheduled for this winter?

Submitted by Jeff on Tue, 17/07/2012 – 01:05.

At this point, the best starting point for books that will form the baseline for any future Glorantha publications using RQ6 are (in order):
Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes
Pavis: Gateway to Adventure
Sartar Companion
These books don’t use RQ6, but are nearly rules-free. Later this year, the Guide to Glorantha will be out and that book is the guide to the setting regardless of rules system.

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Sartar & Pavis…

Submitted by Pruneau on Tue, 17/07/2012 – 08:23.

I can only agree that you need to start with either the Sartar books (I’d get both of them at once) or the Pavis book.  There is some overlap with older publications for RQ 2 and 3, but the books you mention, although excellent information in their own right, concern mostly the second age, which was introduced with MRQ I.The Sartar books describe Sartar in the third age, and what they offer a lot of  is structure, the  same goes for the Pavis book.  Before, you really needed to know your stuff if you wanted to find your way around these two prime Glorantha locations, but with these tomes, you are offered a framework and the information is way more manageable.  If you want a good background source book for instant adventuring, I would actually advise Pavis, which is, in my opinion, the nec plus ultra of adventuring: a hot, brimming town on the edge of “civilization”, complete with trolls, giant  flies, all kind of wildlife, a genuine melting pot of cultures, with a huge old ruin built by giants just next door, for all your adventuring needs.  Add the usurping Lunar occupying force that actually taxes all finds in the ruins, and you’re ready to go for some intense  adventure fun!  Depending on your finances, I’d get the Sartar  books too though: a brilliant insight into the daily lives of the Sartar tribes, the Lunar oppressor, some great and evocative adventures, and a really nice encounter offering, with some excellent descriptions.  Once your adventurers will have clashed with the powers that be in Pavis, they’ll be headed that way most likely anyway 🙂

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