The Eye of the Halfbird and the Lead Grimoire

Submitted by Erick Eckberg on Sun, 11/08/2013 – 13:35
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My players gained the Eye of the Halfbird and the Lead Grimoire from Gringle.  They’re on their way to Jonstown to see Minaryth Purple.  They plan on handing over the Grimoire and keeping the Eye.  I could use some help deciding exactly what the Grimoire concerns and what exactly the Eye does.  The adventure states that Minaryth will hint that the Grimoire will play some part in the freeing of Sartar.  The Eye apparently allows one to see the Otherworld from the Mundane, and vice versa.  Apparently it is important enough of an item to be sought by Erianda/Tatius the Bright.  Some tips would be helpful.I believe Minaryth is killed by the brown dragon at the destruction of the Lunar Temple in 1625 (King of Sartar, though my details could be wrong).  I was thinking that perhaps the Lead Grimoire might have allowed Minaryth to awaken the dragon, though he martyrs himself in so doing….

Submitted by Charles on Mon, 12/08/2013 – 12:08.

The treasures in Return to Apple Lane are ambiguous references that you can take and extend to fit your vision for your campaign. When your players gain possession and take an ability rating, you do not need to know what they do but can jointly explore them over many sessions to come.
I’m going to move this to an open discussion as many people can come up with many wonderful ideas.

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