Competition: Tell me about your Humakti

Submitted by Newtus on Wed, 04/07/2012 – 08:44

Hearts in Glorantha issue 5 is rapidly approaching print proof and I hope to have it out by Continuum at the end of the month.As a tribute to the first Gloranthan fanzine which I bought issue 5 of Tales of the Reaching Moon “Humakti Special!”, HiG#5 has a Humkati Feature. It has artcles and adventures by myself, Jane Williams, Loran Aillet and Adrian Smith. Now you can join in the fun by answering a simple question.The question I’d like to ask you all is “Tell me about your Humakti?”.You can write a quick character sketch, a 100 word HQ character portrait ,or a tale of their most infamous exploit. Let their deeds live on even if they’ve joined their god in Humakt’s Hall!!Each one that is sent to me at  will be considered for publication. Please don’t post them to this list, you’ll spoil the surprise, and keep your piece under 500 words.  The best will win a copy of the soon to be published Gloranthan Adventures issue 2 Red Sun Rising (100 pages of Lunar Heartland setting + adventures) + a copy of HiG issue 5, while two runners up will receive a copy of HiG#5 each.Closing Date is this coming Sunday July 8th.

Regards;o) Newt

Hurrah ! A worthy subject indeed

Submitted by Herve on Wed, 04/07/2012 – 13:21.

Silkinister of the Household of Death salutes your initiative, lore-keepers ! Too often has the work of the Sword been forgotten, out of fear and ignorance. I will indeed send you the word of Humakt, and am sure many of my Sword Brothers will join in this revelation !
Hail Humakt. He is where everything Ends.

too late 🙁

Submitted by RoM on Fri, 24/08/2012 – 06:48.

Darn! I missed that. Most of my Humakti are already dead (in the physical sense). But one or two are still up and fighting.

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