What is the Three Bean Circus?

Submitted by WoeRie on Fri, 07/06/2013 – 07:13

This time I’ll try to make my first (and small) heroquest for one of my players, who wants to initiate into the Cleansed One subcult of Zola Fel.I decided to use the Myth of the Cleansed One and it starts with the Broo who gets his eyes opened by the Three-Bean Circus…Well, and at exactly this point my imagination get lost… what is the Three-Bean Circus? I know it is a spirit society of the spirit of passivity, but I don’t want to present my players a few spirit worshipper in a hero quest. But how does it look like? If I translate it 1:1 to German language it simply makes no sense ;)How could I envision it? Are we really talking about a circus of Beans :DMany thanks, for any insights or good ideas how to play it (without going to far into the comic area)!

Submitted by Tim Ellis on Fri, 07/06/2013 – 15:32.

My guess is that the “Three Bean Circus” originates from a hidden oasis – “Three Bean Oasis”.  The original “Three Beans” may have originated in Genert’s garden and be related to some sort of Earth/plant/fertility type cult (Flamal? Ronance?).

Three Bean Circus

Submitted by David on Sat, 08/06/2013 – 05:04.

First off, the Guide says:
“Agape: These caves in the Eiritha Hills are home to the Three-Bean Circus, whose worshipers have maintained their peaceful ways since the God Time.”
my current write up of them is:

(harmony rune) Three Bean Circus
They were a band or family of ancient times whose fame was widely known as peaceful worshippers of the gods, but their power was broken and cast down during the horrid War of the Gods. However, their persistence is immortal, and they are still found in the Wastelands. Amid a place of constant war, it is a miracle at all that the spirit of passivity could ever survive. Most tribesmen think of these beings as perversely peaceful and unloyally fickle, yet, during the Golden Age, they were rightly held in the highest esteem, properly respected for the perfection in spiritual development which they had attained. This strength has lasted them well to now, for they have the ability to survive and persevere even under the most unlikely conditions. This proves, perhaps, that their existence here is not strange at all, but is rather a necessity to maintain a spiritual balance.

Their ancient wandering camp is still occasionally met in the Wastelands. Out of respect, most nomads intent on raiding steer clear of them, otherwise many will join them for an evening of Godtime tales of peace and love.

A large group of their spirit society followers live in the caves at Agape. There they live a peaceful harmonious life that harks back to the Godtime.

They have one charm, (harmony rune) Peace. This charm causes all persons who are not shamans, priestesses or khans of the Praxian tradition to lay down their weapons and forget all violence and war. Those entranced would rather to listen to the wonders of peace and love which the spirits send ringing through their minds. The taboo of this charm is that only the Most Respected Elder of Eiritha and the High Priestess of the Three Bean Circus may use it.

The origin of their name is lost in the Great Darkness.


David Scott

Sounds perfect…

Submitted by WoeRie on Sat, 08/06/2013 – 10:47.

Many thanks, this is perfectly detailed and fits perfectly.I’m just thinking how I could visualize them in a heroquest, I thought about a group of people, dancing, singing and telling tales around a fire. Are the original Three-Bean Circus from the god time humans? Or were they spirits of other creatures of the Wastes?

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