Vadeli Treasure And Its Consequences Players

Submitted by Herve on Sun, 29/07/2012 – 13:36

So my sea wolves players have killed abdlecar the vadeli sorcerer, after hacking through a score of grues. The group’s assassin rifled through his pockets and took his stuff, which I called “vadeli baubles” at 13. He now nags me to know what they are and what they can do.
I’d like to find ideas about them : interesting, dangerous stuff, with Bad Consequences every time they’re used, in line with the “Weapons of Carnage” described by Peter Metcalfe – but smaller, man-portable. Any wicked ideas ?

Submitted by metcalph on Tue, 31/07/2012 – 06:58.

A polished turd.  Obscene caricatures of well-known western religious art The essence of Durian.  An exotic vithelan delicacy.  The Vadeli sprinkle this on their food to give it a rotten taste.A hand mirror that distorts its reflection into something hideous.  Kidney stones on a string.Insect repellant from Slon.  It’s a little bronze minature (similar in style to Benin Bronze) that fires a tiny musket at any insect that it sees.  It’s been stolen and was under a Vadeli enchantment to prevent the Mostali from knowing about it.  But once it falls into human hands (your heroes), the enchantment lapses, word gets out and the Nidan paranoia goes to eleven.

Vadeli pocket horrors

Submitted by Herve on Tue, 31/07/2012 – 15:06.

I’m not even sure I should say thank you for these twisted ideas! Not being big on coprophilia, I’ll keep the twiste mirror and durian essence flask. THAT should get the player thinking about the wisdom of picking vadeli corpses’ pockets.