The Pavis Cult & the Man Rune

Submitted by cj.23 on Fri, 11/05/2012 – 21:04

Pavis p 363 says that while the Man rune is uncommon as one of the three runes awakened at initiation, being part of the nature of many races (humans, mostali, aldryami, and I guess uz at least?) initaites of the Pavis cult can use it within the walls as an active affinity. So do they need it recorded on their character sheet as a “fourth rune”? Can they spend hero points to improve it? And to use active manage from it do they need to have it at 1W? I assume it starts at 13 by default for the humanoid races?Sorry if this is a stupid question!
cj x

Submitted by Jeff on Sat, 12/05/2012 – 02:45.

Just because every Mortal has the Man Rune, it does mean that it is one of the runes strongest in that mortal. It is 13 or higher ONLY if the players choose it as one of their three defining runes or decides to add it to their list.
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Submitted by cj.23 on Sat, 12/05/2012 – 19:45.

Yes I know that, but ah I get it now! I had misread the page. It could be read if like me you were half asleep as meaning Pavis iniaitates WITHOUT the Man rune could use it within the walls to foster unity between races and breed with other humanoid races. The section before makes clear that not all Pavis iniates have the Man rune — but I assume that ability is for those ones which do.
My misreading was that ANY Pavis iniate – even those without the Man rune as one of their three runes could do this, hence my confused question. I think in context the intention here is Pavis initiates with the Man rune. Apologies for the confusion! cj x