Lunar Tricksters?

Submitted by MrJealousy on Sat, 22/12/2012 – 09:37

Is there such a thing as a Lunar trickster god like Eurmal?

Thanks for the comments

Submitted by MrJealousy on Sat, 05/01/2013 – 06:51.

Thanks for the comments guys.I didn’t want to create a new Lunar Trickster god (I think they have enough gods as it is!). I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything obvious.I will look up Olivers’ stories though, a bit of constructive fiction always helps….and if Danfive Xaron is the closest thing the organised Lunar church has to offer for an Eurmal-alike, then that actually just plays in my favour for the game I am running. One of my worries was that my Eurmal Initiate player character might be tempted to change sides and join an appropriate Lunar cult. If Danfive is the only real option for him, I don’t think he is going to go for it.Cheers, for both comments, very helpful.

Submitted by Jeff on Wed, 26/12/2012 – 09:33.

The Orlanthi are unusual in that they deliberately bring the Trickster *within* their circle of gods, rather than expel him as an evil force. The Pelorians have nothing equivalent to the Eurmal cult – of course, there are local Trickster cults, usually to be appeased, occasionally worshiped by criminals or madmen. But they are not given a sanctioned role in life like Eurmal has with the Orlanthi.
The closest thing might be Danfive Xaron – the repentent criminal.Editor-in-Chief, Moon Design Publications

Submitted by Herve on Sat, 22/12/2012 – 16:32.

I’m sure there are as many lunar tricksters as you want, of any type you want. Most would have short-circuited after kindling their Seventh Soul, i.e. become occluded. Occlusion can have many consequences and going trickster is one. For instance, there’s Cora Two-Mouths from Oliver Bernütz – read her stories, a must. And if you’re more traditional, dara happa has its tricksters : ravenkeg, which might be a little-understood aspect of Lodril.