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Submitted by RoM on Thu, 02/05/2013 – 06:09
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After a long break I am going to play a character of my favourite cult again: a Humakti. I would like to give her the gift: Does not need to eat or drink. I think that fits because Death does not need food either. However, I am not sure with the corresponding geas. I thought of: Cannot eat nor drink but needs to kill to survive. What do you think about that? Would Humakt like that or would he see it as (quote:) “pointless slaughter”? Would it even be close to vampirism?CheersRobin
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Instead of no food and drink…

Submitted by Adept on Sat, 01/06/2013 – 17:10.

In my game a player wanted to play a member of the Household of Death. I’m not doing the geas / gift thing quite so literally as in Runequest, but some of it seemed quite fitting. The player wanted one where even the finest foods taste like ashes and water to his “dead child”.I found that quite appropriate. “No enjoyment from food or drink”. The corresponding “gift” is that he can’t be poisoned by food either.

No joy.

Submitted by RoM on Thu, 06/06/2013 – 09:57.

I like that. Although my characters doesn’t anything anyway. So I have to look for something else.

Why don’t you want to eat and drink ?

Submitted by Herve on Tue, 07/05/2013 – 16:09.

Before suggesting assorting geases (and I love the MUST NOT drink and eat, with all examples), tell me WHY you want this Gift. There must be a reason ; it seems pretty uninteresting to play.

Geas: ‘does not eat’ not strong enough.

Submitted by RoM on Thu, 23/05/2013 – 05:59.

Thanx for all your suggestions. Sorry that I didn’t reply earlier, the Eternal Con took all my attention.Yes, I agree with you guys that having a “Must kill” geas is probably too immoral and anti-social even for a Humakti – at least for one who is supposed to live with a clan and other player characters.I thought the gift “Does not eat” already included the geas “Does not eat”. I do like your examples, Yaldabaoth, but I think having only that geas would not be strong enough compared to the gift’s benefits. The gift is very strong and is likely to save my character in deserts, dungeons and captivity. I would like to have a balanced geas that is also likely to get me killed eventually. Why? Well, my character is very much detached from all worldly desires. Her two highest abilities (even higher than sword fighting) are ’emotionless’ and ‘taciturn’. She doesn’t even have goals in her life except for killing undead and following the orders of her priestess (another PC). Since she is already legally dead to the society, I thought it would fit well that she is somehow dead physically too, that she doesn’t need nutrition to survive. Many Humakti myths I know are about other people (Orlanth, Ernalda) having a feast and Humakt standing watch. That’s what I thought for my character, too, that as long as she behaves like Humakt she doesn’t need food.

A different perspective

Submitted by Yaldabaoth on Sat, 04/05/2013 – 10:53.

For a gift like “Does not need to eat or drink”, why not choose a dramatic geas that complements the gift? “MUST NOT EAT OR DRINK!” would have all sorts of fun implications for the sadistic… er… clever GM. And won’t that mean more fun for you, the player?”Let us now pass around the Goblet of Trust, and drink deep to show the alliance between the Company of the Brass Armadillo and The Pirates of Doom!” [I’ve already got, like, the Truth rune, so we’re totally cool and I don’t have to take any sort of inconvenient Oath, right? […] Right?]”HERE! This potion will cure all the Company of the foul Black Elf poison, and will do it before the pivotal Trollball match!” [I’ve got “Survive Until I Kill Trozog Zog” at 13. […] What does “Broad Ability” mean again?]”We Vadeli aren’t so bad. It’s the conservative press that gives us a bad rap. C’mon. It’s a new morning and we can start our collaboration fresh and full of energy. Drink this. It’s merely some hot water which was seeped in some ground up beans. Doesn’t it smell great? It gives you pep early in the morning. I can even put a little cream and sugar in it. Once you’ll have a taste, you’ll want it every day. Doesn’t it smell great?!?! (The scent of the pot wafts toward you.) HAVE A CUP! IT’S THE BEST PART OF WAKING UP!!” [I ask the Vadeli if he has something I can, uh… _snort_ instead! Yeah! That’ll be OK, right?! […] Oh Crap.][Ok, I couldn’t eat the magic seaweed, so I have to hold my breath in the underwater cave. I get it. Fine. Attempting to avoid the drowning process isn’t really “drinking”, right? I’d just be having water move past my lips and into my stomach if I didn’t want the water in my lungs. I’d only be _holding_ it in my gut until I puked it up later! Not technically drinking AT ALL!]”You heathens shall rue thy crude mockeries of my Holy Mitre of Towering Infernos, once I extinguish these excessive embers falling into my beard. Just a moment, please. THERE! Prepare thy unclean souls for THE MALEDICTION… OF SUPERFLUOUS… SAL-I-VA-TION!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” [You’ve got to be kidding me. [Sigh] “You’w bay vo diz, bizhob! My zhowd zhaw vind yor throad!” I sneeringly wipe my mouth on my sleeve, and aggresively fashion a bib out of my cloak!]Ask any Humakti. Killing people is boring, and is their day job anyway. Inhaling whatever stuff a Vadeli gives you and drooling uncontrollably is MUCH more fun!

historical Humakti that killed too much

Submitted by Charles on Fri, 03/05/2013 – 01:30.

I’ve been trying to find my source for this but can’t right now, so some of my details may be incorrect 🙁
There was a Humakti who had to kill all that showed fear. As he arrived in each place, he told everyone to show no fear. But his Humakti signs and death aura and dealdly reputation always engendered fear, so he ended up killing everyone he met, men, women, children and holy people.
Orlanth sent a man that loved life and did not fear death. The Humakti did not survive that fight.

Jonorol the Terrible who

Submitted by metcalph on Fri, 03/05/2013 – 02:51.

Jonorol the Terrible who killed three towns becuase they feared him.  He was slain by Great Heran who loved life and did not fear death.
Storm Tribe p97
It forms the basis of the Kill Everyone Feat in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes p172

unofficial view

Submitted by Charles on Thu, 02/05/2013 – 12:12.

Humakt, among the Orlanthi, is also honoured for his honour (truth), not just for his death / war / violence. If a Humakti takes his death powers to a disorderly extreme, without the anti-chaos abilities of the Uroxi, then what value does (s)he add to the community?
In the mess that is Sartar in the 1610s and 1620s, there is room for such amoral anti-heroes but how will the character fit into a game with other community based characters? Unless all other players are prepared to be members of a mercenary band _and_ the members of the band have some protection against the “pointless slaughter”, then why would they stay close to this proposed character?