Heracles by another name – what?

Submitted by Markmohrfield on Fri, 20/04/2012 – 22:58

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The first picture looks as though Heracles/Vajrapani is about to wack the Buddha on the head. “If you met the Buddha on your path, kill him!”                                                                                  Mark MohrfieldNOTE: the reference is this blog: http://moondesignpublications.com/blog/jeff/heracles-another-name
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I didn’t have a clue what

Submitted by soltakss on Sat, 21/04/2012 – 18:54.

I didn’t have a clue what this was about until I read a post on the World of Glorantha yahoo site.http://moondesignpublications.com/blog/jeff/heracles-another-name  Simon Phipp

It does, doesn’t it!

Submitted by Jeff on Sat, 21/04/2012 – 00:42.

It does, doesn’t it!Editor-in-Chief, Moon Design Publications

Wouldn’t be out of character

Submitted by Nils on Sat, 21/04/2012 – 13:48.

Whacking the wrong person on the head is entirely in character for Heracles. He killed a lot of people he didn’t intend to when enraged.