New to Glorantha

Submitted by Dreamstreamer on Thu, 24/05/2012 – 15:11

Hey all,

I’m a rather recent partaker of the goodness that is Glorantha. After enjoying HeroQuest 2nd Edition (and having some OneBookShelf gift certificates burning a hole in my virtual pocket), I picked up Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, Sartar Companion, and Pavis: Gateway to Adventure. I’ve been making my way through S:KoH at a steady pace and have just read up on how the other factions vying for power in Dragon Pass view themselves.The competing worldviews really mess with my mind. Instead of the “this is how it is” that I had established up to this point (from the Orlanthi point of view), I get conflicting “truths” that different cultures seem content to handwave. In one respect, this seems perfect for representing myths. But at the same time, my head starts to spin trying to pin everything done in an orderly fashion. This is especially true when a culture appears to accept some of the Orlanthi myths but blends it with their own beliefs.Any advice?

Submitted by Jeff on Mon, 11/06/2012 – 06:06.

There’s far more thematic unity within the various competing worldviews than many commentators seem to think. The Guide should hopefully help resolve that issue. That being said, different cultures disagree severely on the meaning of mythic events, their significance, and on how to approach them. All Gloranthans acknowledge that the Sun was diminished after the Storm Ring attacked it (aided or resisted by several other celestial entities), but what that means varies widely.But the diversity in perspective is hardly any more than in our own Earth.
Editor-in-Chief, Moon Design Publications

Different Worldviews

Submitted by soltakss on Sun, 10/06/2012 – 15:30.

My advice? Ignore the different worldviews. Seriously. If your game is a bunch of Sartarites heroically resisting the Lunars then your game’s worldview should be that of Orlanth heroically resisting the forces of darkness/chaos and then rescuing the world.If your game is a Lunar one struggling against rebellious Sartarites then use the worldview of the Redeeming Goddess bringing light to the dark storm.  The individual worldviews are interesting but frustratingly inconsistent. The way I have reconciled this is as follows:1. In the GodTime, certain things happened at certain times2. One deity might tell the story of an event very differently to another3. The only evidence of this are half-remembered tales and myths4. Most of the people involved in these events are far, far away, or dead5. Normal people interact with these events through HeroQuesting and Worship Ceremonies, both of which can change the god time events they are witnessing So, I go back to the Monomyth, or the Extended Monomyth, unfashionable though that is. Those are the things that happened. Variants on that are due to the perspective of the deities involved, interpretation by different cults, loss of knowledge due to the epoc-shatterring events at the end of each Age or even changes in how the Publishers of Glorantha think about the world.
Simon Phipp


Submitted by Philmagpie on Mon, 11/06/2012 – 01:31.

Hi Simon,
Hmmmm, I think trying to reconcile the varying Publishers’ Worldviews would tax even the wisest Theologians. 🙂
Great advice.Phil

Finished S:KoH

Submitted by Dreamstreamer on Mon, 28/05/2012 – 23:07.

I finally finished reading all the way through Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. I have to say the Colymar Campaign looks to be an over-the-top epic adventure! I liked that they presented several possible ways to approach each obstacle and describe the potential fallout of those choices. I also liked that there is some direction as to where you can go after finishing the campaign.I saw Whitewall: The Last Rebel King mentioned as a future supplement. Does anybody know if it is still on the docket?A billion years is too short a time to accomplish everything you can imagine, for imagination is infinite.

Through with SKoH ?

Submitted by Herve on Tue, 29/05/2012 – 10:56.

Now you can go ahead with the Sartar Companion : more and more subjective, partial and incomplete viewpoints to discover. Time to go North, in telmori territory, to try and make peace between them and the sartarites. At least that’s what our GM wants us to try.
But maybe we’ll Find Another Way. What I love with HQ is that it’s very easy to adapt to any crazy PC idea. A few minutes thought, a squibble and voilà : you’re ready to play something completely different from what you had planned. And you can still use what was planned at some later stage !
So how’s group building going ?

Up next

Submitted by Dreamstreamer on Tue, 29/05/2012 – 14:42.

Yeah, I plan to dive into the Sartar Companion in the next few days. If I don’t get sidetracked by something else, that is…By “group building” do you mean assembling a group of players or players creating a group of characters?A billion years is too short a time to accomplish everything you can imagine, for imagination is infinite.


Submitted by Philmagpie on Fri, 25/05/2012 – 08:21.

As Herve said, welcome to Glorantha.One thing to always bear in mind is the YGMV principle; Your Glorantha May Vary.  I know mine varies wildly, but as only myself and my Players really see it, then it is not a problem.Seriously, if you are feeling swamped, then just run with what you are comfortable with and pick it up as you go along.  While a band of Heroes from different religions might be interesting, you will save yourself a lot of heartache if you just keep things simple, at least to start with.Follow the Clan Generation section of Sartar; KoH, create a Clan with the Players and slowly explore Glorantha together.  One Clan, one culture, one religion and one village does not seem too bad a place to start, then slowly introduce new elements at a pace that you can cope with.  By the time your campaign is ready to strike out for Pavis, you will be ready for the challenge.Happy GamingPhil


Submitted by Dreamstreamer on Fri, 25/05/2012 – 10:17.

Thanks for the welcome, Phil!
I love it when the boards are friendly. To me, it’s a sign of the maturity level of the participants, so thanks!Yeah, YGMV is one of the principles I like and am frustrated by at the same time. I get the feeling that they give you a skeleton (and a flexible, rubbery one at that) and then say, “Flesh it out and skin it how you like!” I like that I have the freedom to make changes without upsetting the balance too much. At the same time, it seems like there are no straight answers in Glorantha, and that is a struggle for me.I’ve just reached the Colymar Campaign section. It looks like it provides a nice introduction for new players, so I’ll probably start there. Do you guys think that it would be a good place for those new to Glorantha? Or should I start a bit smaller?One of the other things I’ve noticed while reading is that one could easily play plenty of adventures without ever leaving their village! Again, I see so much potential that decision paralysis sets in. I like the idea of starting small and going from there, but I also keep thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to…”If you’re up to it, perhaps you could type up a short example of play for a starting game?A billion years is too short a time to accomplish everything you can imagine, for imagination is infinite.

Campaign outline

Submitted by Philmagpie on Fri, 25/05/2012 – 11:10.

Hi Dreamstreamer,
Great to hear that the boards are easing you into Glorantha.I am currently running a highly variant 2nd Age game.  However, when I come to run the Colymar campaign, this is how I plan to start.I would take the Clan Questionnaire up to 1602, then present the Players with pre-generated characters and run a Flashback sequence and fight at Caroman Pass, pg 224.  Play up the Thermopylae connections, see also the film 300.The purpose of the Flashback is to both familiarize you and the players with the system, and set the scene for the later game.  The intention is to allow the pre-gens to fight an escalating series of encouters with Lunar forces, before being swamped and slain by Lunars led by a villainous Lunar officer. Forward to 1615. The Players then create their “proper” characters for the Colymar campaign.  These characters should be the sons and daughters of their Flashback pre-gens. For the next few years of game time, they are slowly exploring the area, and rebelling against local Lunar forces led by the same villainous officer who killed off the pre-gens.I would hope that this introduction would give the players reason enough to hate the Lunars.  Their Colymar characters will benefit by being created by Players who have some experience with the system, and you can run through the contest rules a few times without worrying too much about mistakes, as the Caroman Pass pre-gens are destined to die anyway.Doubtless, others would advise you differently, but here is one take on how to start up a Colymar campaign.  I hope that this helps.Phil

This is Sartar!

Submitted by Dreamstreamer on Fri, 25/05/2012 – 11:19.

Great ideas! Would you suggest that the pregens be given a bit more power, foreshadowing where the PCs might be in the future with their actual characters? I realize that HeroQuest is designed so that additional masteries aren’t necessarily needed, but it might be fun for the players to mop the floor with the first wave of enemies and have it get progressively more difficult as the siege continues.A billion years is too short a time to accomplish everything you can imagine, for imagination is infinite.

This is Sar-TARRR!

Submitted by Philmagpie on Fri, 25/05/2012 – 11:31.

Hi Dreamstreamer,
Oh yes, make sure that the pre-gens have Mastery over the first wave, then a little stronger each time, until at the end they one or two Masteries down on the elite Lunars.This gives them, and you, a better feel for how the different combinations of Ability levels match up in actual play.Plus, imagine how excited the players will be when they finally achieve Mastery regularly in the Colymar campaign.Phil

Too excited!

Submitted by Dreamstreamer on Fri, 25/05/2012 – 11:36.

Dang it! Now I’m giddy with anticipation! *Sigh*Must…get…group…together…soon…A billion years is too short a time to accomplish everything you can imagine, for imagination is infinite.

THIS is Sartar!

Submitted by Philmagpie on Fri, 25/05/2012 – 12:25.

Hi Dreamstreamer,Now that is exactly how I still feel before every game.  Nurture that feeling as a GM, because it is the best guarantee that the game will not fold due to GM burnout.Best of luckPhil

Feeling swamped ?

Submitted by Herve on Thu, 24/05/2012 – 15:51.

Any advice ? Yes. First, welcome to Glorantha ! I wish you many hours of reading and gaming pleasure, and envy your for discovering this world for the first time.
Second, play using one perspective only. The orlanthi are good guys, the lunar bad guys : everyone (i.e. every good orlanthi) knows they worship chaos, eat babies and plant rye too early. Later, introduce lunar good guys and orlanthi bad guys… and see if you and your players like messing with certainties !
Do feel free to ask any question here, and take all answers to serve YOUR ideas and desires. There is no cannon.
Enjoy !


Submitted by Dreamstreamer on Thu, 24/05/2012 – 16:41.

Thanks for the welcome and the advice! Yeah, I was thinking it would be best to try one approach at a time. That being said, I also think having players create characters for each of the different religions played simultaneously would be a hoot!”There is no cannon.” That’s odd. I thought I saw mention that the dwarves have cannons… Maybe it’s like the Matrix’s “There is no spoon,” which seems to fit the dragon perspective that all is an illusion, eh? Oh, you meant canon! 😉 Sorry, I couldn’t help my (editing) self.A billion years is too short a time to accomplish everything you can imagine, for imagination is infinite.

Submitted by staffantj on Thu, 24/05/2012 – 15:32.

As long as you can do so legally, get a hold of the excellent article by Peter Metcalfe (published in Questlines and possibly other places) “How I learned to Stop Worrying and Lurve the Crimson Greg”.
Sage advice includes:The Big Crimson Guy says: “Truth is like an army. Once you’ve absorbed one or two, you develop a yearning for more. But in the fullness of things, they all begin to taste the same”.

What’s in a name?

Submitted by Dreamstreamer on Thu, 24/05/2012 – 16:45.

Wow! I would read that based on the name alone! (Dr. Strangelove references are absolutely welcome!) Just the little tidbit quoted sounds like it would be a worthwhile and flavorful read. I’ll see if I can hunt it down. Thanks!A billion years is too short a time to accomplish everything you can imagine, for imagination is infinite.

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