Shargash Rune

Submitted by cj.23 on Fri, 06/07/2012 – 12:54

I seem to recall sing a Shargash Rune in a recent book. I’m just designing a Shargashi freeform character and want to put the correct runes on the character sheet, are they availbale anywhere online? What are the runes for Shargash — I seem to recall Shargash, Destruction & Combat, but have no idea what they might look like as know little of Dara Happan runes! Anyone able to help? 🙂

It’s in the rune font

Submitted by David on Tue, 10/07/2012 – 04:18.

You can see it in the rune font:

[[Glorantha Core Rune Font]]

There are also references there as well.


David Scott

Submitted by metcalph on Fri, 06/07/2012 – 17:54.

Shargash’s rune in Dara Happa is a circle with an inverted V inside.  This is the power or strength rune.  It’s shown if you have it on Pavis: Gateway to Adventure p174. If I were to use conventional runes, I would Death, Darkness and Disorder.

Submitted by cj.23 on Fri, 06/07/2012 – 19:15.

Thank you. I own Pavis, so will have a look! I can make a drawing of it for the character sheet, it is purely decorative. Yes those sound like the right runes for Shargash.  cj x

Shargashi power

Submitted by Herve on Sat, 07/07/2012 – 03:51.

I’m not sure I’d include Darkness as a shargashi Rune, except maybe for the Black King. Same goes for Disorder – Shargash has very, very strict Laws and sticks to a severe code, he obeys Yelm. Mostly. So I’d give him Mastery (over men in battle). He certainly gets Death/Combat, perhaps even twice, and Sun/Fire if you stick to the core runes.

Submitted by Tim Ellis on Sat, 07/07/2012 – 18:22.

ILH 1 gives him affinities in Berserker (the “classic” Disorder Rune), Combat (the “classic” Death Rune) and Destruction (I can’t find this one anywhere else at the moment, but take the “Hell” rune from the fonts, and replace the “M” with an “O” and you’ll get the right rune)  – Or, given the links between Shargash, Alkoth and Hell, maybe just stick with the Hell Rune…So I’d say Death, Disorder and Darkness wouldn’t be a bad fit from just the “classic” RQ2 Rune set, especially if you equate Darkness = Underworld/Hell (and presumably in Dara Happa, as in Dragon Pass, there are representatives of all the Elemental Runes born, even if the majority (of men) are Fire/Sky, so there must be some acceptable Darkness cult for them to follow?

Found the Destruction rune

Submitted by Tim Ellis on Sat, 07/07/2012 – 19:59.

It’s listed under Annihilation here – RELINK

Submitted by metcalph on Sat, 07/07/2012 – 04:16.

Shargash’s Era is known elsewhere as the Great Darkness, hence I think Darkness appropriate.Shargah’s very strict laws are not his but imposed by Yelm from above.  The Yelm is capable of keeping such a destructive God in check compared to the pathetic attempt at Orlanth in controlling his demons (Eurmal, Storm Bull and Humakt) only demonstrates the absolute moral superiority of Yelm’s rule.  Since Shargash’s warriors are described as Berserkers, I think Disorder is appropriate.As for the Fire Rune, what fire or sky powers do you see Shargash as using? ,

Submitted by Jeff on Tue, 10/07/2012 – 04:45.

As stated in Pavis, Shargash’s Runes are Fire/Sky (he’s a celestial deity with plenty of fiery destructive powers and stellar power) and his special Shargash or Alkoth rune (which is his unique Underworld connection).
BTW, the runes listed in ILH-1 are unofficial and noncanonical.
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