Adventures for Fonrit

Submitted by RoM on Sat, 15/06/2013 – 05:24

I recently started a new series playing in Afadjann/Fonrit. So far I ran two adventures. One I created myself where the PCs were chased by the city guards and had to expose the evil schemes of a sorcerer, and the other one “Meeros falling” from the RQ6 GM pack.

Now that these plots are done I am looking for new inspiration. Anybody knows some cool adventures? They don’t have to be from Fonrit but should be at least easily convertible to Glorantha. It should an urban setting though. I know many dungeon crawls and wilderness plots, but for now I would like to keep the PCs in a metropolitan city.The PCs are household slaves in a (yet unnamed) Afadjanni city. They have regular jobs (majordomo, book-keeper, gardener, maid and houseboy) and all belong the same masarin.RoM

Couple additional thoughts

Submitted by Harald Smith on Sat, 15/06/2013 – 11:56.

For urban adventures you might also consider utilizing parts of the following:From Dara Happa Stirs — borrow the section on gaining the Veil of Victory from the Scarlet Concubine.  The PC’s master has learned of this powerful veil and wishes to gain it.  It is held by the Concubine of the Jann (or other).  Getting into the Jann’s palace and into the harem is a task in itself.  The Concubine is a demi-goddess or demon and the real ‘ruler’ of the Jann. From the old Call of Cthulhu campaign Masks of Nyarlathotep — either the Cairo or Shanghai chapters are classic, sinister urban settings.In the Cairo chapter, evil cultists (of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah — use a nice black noose symbol) are attempting to resurrect a long-dead Queen.  They need three key treasures plus the summoning/resurrection spell.  Perhaps one of the treasures belongs to the PC’s master?In the Shanghai chapter, evil cultists (of the Order of the Bloated Woman — not dissimilar from the Scarlet Concubine in horrific qualities) are preparing a great ritual on Grey Dragon Island.  Could play this as a plot of the sinister Blues or the Vadeli.  Items are being taken from the master’s warehouse dock–the trail leads to a secret island hideout.

Adventures in Fonrit

Submitted by Harald Smith on Sat, 15/06/2013 – 10:31.

There was a scenario called “The Big Hit” by Sandy Peterson in the old Heroes magazine (v1 #6) set in the Afadjann city of Karo.  It’s an intrigue-based adventure with a sorceror hiring/using local gangs to assassinate a prince of the city.Some other ideas/thoughts:If your city location is along the sea, Kareeshtan raiders attack seeking slaves or specific goods owned by your PC’s master.A strange Spirit Pool opens up in the vicinity of or within the PC’s home.  An incursion by a shaman? A plague of bad/evil spirits? Agents of another master who wants to take PC’s as his own slaves?An outbreak of dangerous elf plants within the city — strangle vines, poison thorns, acid saps, etc.Uncover a secret ritual by the Blues — part of the many steps needed to raise Artmal (aka the Boat Planet).  They may be gathering wood to repair the hull, shells to scrape off evil barnacles, etc. and then ritually bringing the goods into the Godsworld on a heroquest (could pull in the PC’s as ‘enemies’ or the PC’s somehow aid them).”Exiles” (women) from Fanjosi the City of Men arrive in the city — they are building an army to overthrow Fanjosi and seek recruits.The Sudden Storm and the Crushing Wave come to the city (assuming it’s by the sea) or the Sudden Storm and the Heaving Earth (if inland).  Great parts of the city are inundated or upended — relief efforts needed, magics revealed, etc.  Hostile marine or earth spirits roam the ruins.A parade of dragonewts suddenly appears — no one has ever seen such before — and they proceed to make their way through the city to some objective (which includes the PC’s).An evil Night Bird takes roost upon the roof of the PC’s home.  It is a magical creature of darkness bringing gloom and sadness to the area around.

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