Greg Sez (1997-)

Greg Sez was an old series of pages of Q&A – “You ask, I answer”. It was an opportunity for Glorantha fans to ask questions directly to Greg Stafford, the creator of Glorantha. He arbitrarily choose one submitted question each month and answered it. Occasionally there were guest authors – “We plan to feature guest authors in this column. Many individuals have established themselves as dedicated scholars and authors of Gloranthan Lore. We hope to bring them to the attention of new comers, and to highlight their talents here.”

He also had a caveat: “I am going to use many inappropriate terms herein, like species or maybe even gravity, both of which are concepts essentially outside of Gloranthan consciousness. These inappropriate vocabulary usages here should not imply that use of these concepts occurs within Glorantha.”

Included under Greg Sez are

These old articles are provided only as insight to the world of Glorantha, and may be incorrect, superseded or even true…

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