Greg Sez: Mistress Race Trolls

Question from Leigh Collins, answer by Greg Stafford.

Q:How rare are male Mistress Race Trolls?
A:All Mistress Race individuals are of course extremely rare in Glorantha in modern times. Very few have been born since they came out of the Underworld. Males are more rare than females but only because they are the ones who go outside at all and expose themselves to danger in order to protect the females. Thus they are more expendable and, in the ages since the uzuz came to Hurtplace, they have been expended more often. However according to the birth rates, male uzuz are as common as females. I think some confusion has arisen from the label of “mistress,” which implies they are females. But this is an error (even in Glorantha) of perception. They are called “mistress” because the trolls revere the feminine over the masculine. Think of it this way: if they were called the “Master Race” would you consider that they were mostly male, since “master” has a masculine connotation?


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