Library of Londarios: Danmalastan (1999)

DANMALASTAN is the name for the collective territory inhabited by the people created by Malkion.

LAND OF LOGIC is the common name that was given to it by God Learners.

The original inhabitants were the Rune Beings of the Third Action. They served the Creator to continue to make Danmalastan according to the cosmic laws. These original and archetypal beings included Talar, Zzabur, and others that remained true to Malkion, as well as those which later went wrong, such as Worlath and Ehilm. In earliest Danmalastan they had not yet erred.

Talar was given command of one segment of the world, around Malkion’s own dwelling. Zzabur chose to live there, closer to his creator. As required by Law, the region was triangular in shape. One border was the long shoreline which lay upon the limitless sea. Opposite that was a large mountain that was called the Malkion’s Pointer. “It is the area we know call the West. The long shore was the western edge of the earth lozenge, and the Pointer is the Spike.”

In the Fourth Action the mortal races of the world were created by duplicating the archetypal rune beings. Malkion’s creations covered the world which they called Danmalastan. Innocent and perfect in every way, they divided into six tribes that all venerated Malkion with the original rites.

Danmalastan was neatly divided between the six tribes. Though the shapes of their territories were slightly different, the areas allocated to each tribe were exactly the same.

The six original Malkioni tribes were:

  • Waertagi, farthest north.
  • Enrovalini, in the north west, with some western coast
  • Kachasti, in the north east, inland between Ladaral’s Mt and the Malkion’s Spike
  • Kadeniti, in the south west, with some western coast
  • Viymorni, inland in the southeast, near Magnetic Mountain
  • Tadeniti, on the farthest south coast

At first these peoples were all the same, but as their numbers increased they discovered their purposes, because each had a favorite activity which they did to further Malkion’s power. Of course, each of the six tribes had its own sorcery which was uniquely suited to their favorite tasks. During the time of greatest power each tribe performed its task and helped to shape the world.

Waertag: The Pier

Waertag and his people loved the sea. He and his first family made The Pier, which jutted far out past the ends of the earth to reach into the endless sea.

Waertag made the first boat and paddled up and down the coast with his children. Waertag also made the second boat, called the family boat. He made the third boat, which was called the far going, and the fourth boat, the War Boat, later on.

The Waertagi sailed up and down the coasts, and far out to the western oceans. They settled only by the sea, and numerous places along the coast became their cities. They ignored the land, which they left to others.

Waertag made Boating Magic.

Kachast: The Speaking Tour

The Kachasti people spread outward as they increased in numbers. Kachast had communicating magic. His people could talk to anything and understand its response. For fun, they made up languages to use among themselves.

One day Kachast met a strange people, who had a language no one else knew. Nonetheless, he learned to speak with them quickly. Then he learned that other even stranger peoples lived father on elsewhere. Kachast sent his best people onward to scout this exciting discovery. Then he sent word back to his own people. He said anyone wanting a challenge should come to communicate with these strange and unknown people. Many people did, and their excursions into this land was known as the Speaking Tour.

Enroval: Theoretical Development

The Enrovalini were glad that Zzabur chose to live among them. The Enrovalini had the magic to explore the physical universe. They applied their infallible logic to everything which was brought to them by the other tribes.

The Enrovalini had the magic to research magic. In their earliest research they made the Elemental Magics work and Power Magics work, later also determining the first spells to isolate and command spirits of their four elementals and twelve Powers.

Kadenit: Concrete Reality

The Kadeniti loved to build and make things. They had grandiose ideas. Kadenit started by splitting a rock to sharpen a stick, then making other tools with his people.

Once the made a house. No house had ever been made before, and for a long time different people experimented by living in it for a while. They’d talk about it afterwards. They decided to make several houses, and a work shed too.

They went a way off, and they made their buildings. This was the first village. People came and lived in for a while, making new tools.

They went another way off, and they made even more buildings, of larger types. This was the first town. It had a market place where people, even form the other tribes, came to visit and share their tribal information with others.

Then they went another way off, and they made Suli, the first city. It was big, and lots of people came to live there from the other tribes. Zzabur built a tower there, with five other towers attached so that visiting sorcerers from other tribes would have a place to stay when they visited him.

One day Malkion came to Kadenit and asked him to design and build the Great City, Vani, which was the center of the infallible and perfect Republic. That was the city which was made by Malkion the Founder, who was well known among the tribes at that time. In Vani each of the tribes had their vote and place in the Great City of the Republic. It was the first city ever made with concrete, a recent discovery. It was the capital.

Viymorn: Exploring the World

Viymorn loved exploring. He was observant and curious, and his children had the magic of exploration. His people were fast, and went quickly over the whole of Danmalastan before the other tribes had gone far outside the places where Malkion had made them. The Viymorn then helped the earliest tribes to explore their own lands. They were called the Scouts.

Vadel was the Viymorni who went outside Danmalastan, past the western lands where the laws of Malkion were obeyed. (He is mentioned later, more.)

Tadenit: The First Book

Tadenit invented writing by making marks in the dirt. His family invented writing tools, several pictorial scripts, and experimented with every media.

Tadenit one time got all his catalogers together, and they made the First Book. It had all their knowledge in it at that time. They gave it to Zzabur, who had it copied and then sent it to the Great City. At the city the scholars looked it over and made a few experimental changes, and then wrote down the Book of Real Script and gave it to Zzabur, who then showed it to the Tadeniti. They were astonished at this, because Zzabur had revealed to them a pure distillation of their own magic. They copied the Real Script and took the copies home with them. Afterwards, Real Script was the written form for all documents and books of Danmalastan, and descendant forms of it are still used today.

The Social Order

Malkion the Founder determined one day that the great masses of his peoples ought to be organized in a logical and correct manner.

He named all living men to be Citizens. Then he divided them into four classes.

The most numerous were the Commoners. These were those who made things, recorded information, explored, boated, and did the other everyday work which they preferred. Dronar was their leader, because Malkion had appointed him to instruct the men of that class.

The next most numerous were the soldiers. They were fighters who chased away the troublesome forces which had begun to plague the land. Horal was their leader, because Malkion had appointed him to the class, and they were called Horali.

The next most numerous were the Leaders. Talar was their leader, because Malkion had appointed him to teach the men in that class, and so the leaders were called Talari. The Talari had the awful task of meeting with outsiders to haggle for trade, and in compensation were given the pleasant task of leading the public meetings, making many important decisions, and of being responsible for the material well being of the people.

Finally, the fewest people in the city were given the task of being responsible for the energetic well being of the people. They were called the Zzaburites, because Malkion had asked his own favorite son to choose those of his followers to go to the city.

Greg Stafford

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