Greg Sez: The Mother of Monsters (Aug 2009)

Question from Terra Incognita on one of the mailing lists, answer by Greg Stafford, edited by David Dunham. Published 13thAug 2009

Q: The Mother of Monsters roams the coast of Pamaltela, spawning a Chaos monster every day (Men of the Sea p.65). Varchulanga is also called “Mother of Monsters” (Men of the Sea p.54). Are these two the same?

A: People have mistakenly thought they were the same, because of the title, and conflated them. But there are two distinct beings, both with the same title. One is a vast, featureless immortal living below the bottom of the sea. She spawns monsters of the deep, including the huge sea dragons used by the Waertagi. The other is a colossal creature who wanders the coastline of the Maslo Sea. She’s about 100 m high and 70 m wide, shaped like a gigantic grub with pillar-like legs and a shark-like mouth that devours everything in her path. Each night she lays a clutch of one or more eggs. If they’re covered by the tide they become swimmers. If they hatch while damp they become hoppers, but if they’re dry they hatch into flyers. The monsters are different each time, but invariably large adults, tainted by Chaos.

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