Greg Sez: Humakt Illuminated? (Apr 1998)

Question From NICK GRANT. Answer by Greg Stafford.

Q: The Great Monomyth, published at your online site, implies Osentalka/Nysalor/G’baji was Rashoran. Presumably the freedom from fear that Rashoran is said to have given the gods is akin to the illumination that Nysalor is said to have given his worshippers. Why then is illumination not actively encouraged amongst the Humakti? Is this just another case of the Old Gods saying ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say’

A: Illumination is knowing the mystical perspective, a cosmic consciousness, if you will.

Illumination is not a problem for gods. Certainly every deity which is the owner or source of a rune has obtained a state of consciousness which is their equivalent of Illumination, and probably many more as well, perhaps all of them. But deities, by definition, are eternal cosmic powers. They have very little (if any) free will and no opportunity to make choices like humans have.

It’s dangerous among human beings only when it is misused, which is regrettably quite easy. The practicing experts of Peloria, Koralorela and the East Isles all insist upon strict disciplines for those who seek the mystical path. They also have ways to quickly detect and destroy anyone who strays off the path.

Spontaneous Illumination is a greater threat, and apparently the Lunar Empire is less quick at detecting these, or just more tolerant. Such untrained illumination provides its bearer with a cosmic perspective which is devoid of any other perspective or connection with the world, and also access to tremendous cosmic powers. Without guidelines the temptation to use those powers is almost impossible to resist.

Humakt, as all the gods, provides his worshippers with a set of spiritual and material guidelines to allow them to obtain that cosmic power and not be destroyed by it.

Hence, no hypocrisy from Humakt here.


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